California has done an about face
They now say pro sports are welcome to go on.

Will college sports follow?

I think there will be football and basketball.

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There is ENORMOUS financial pressure to get California’s economy back on track. Irregardless of all of the COVID-19 doomsayers. Without change, there will be far greater deaths and destruction from the economy collapse than COVID-19.


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Correct. The country and economy cannot sit idle much longer and the government printing press has run out ink, much less money. Got to get back to work. (I never quit).

People have mortgages and bills to pay. Bank notes to pay. They can’t stay idle and survive financially. We are going to have to face this virus, unfortunately. We will get a vaccine and a treatment at some point, but when? The economic impact of a continued shutdown would be more devastating than the disease itself. China would love to see an economic collapse of this country and a devastation in our wealth and position of supreme power.

We are not going to let that happen.

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This pandemic is worldwide. Every country is suffering economic consequences. Many countries, including China apparently, have handled it better than we have. Most of the economic shutdown has been voluntary, not decreed. The initial cancellation of sporting events was from the college conferences & professional leagues themselves.

No one has told airlines or tourism to shut down, but almost no one is flying or taking tours. The only “ordered” shutdowns have been for large gatherings, schools, restaurants, & bars. In some states retail places were shut down. In Arkansas most of the retail places shut on their own. Many are now open, but with strict rules about entering & wearing masks.

I don’t see a huge return to commerce or a big upsurge in the economy, no matter what is “allowed”, until we see a large downturn in this virus. Perhaps not until there’s either an effective treatment or a vaccine. It’s possible that after a time everyone will become so numb to the spread that we’ll all ignore it, but I think it’s more likely it’s going to take major containment before that happens. Absent a marked downturn in cases, if football starts on time & all the seats are opened up, I’d bet the stands at any school would be no more than 30-50% full at best.


Perhaps someday but not anytime soon.

China depends on & needs the US consumers to buy their products & support their industries & economy. Otherwise they too are shut down & struggling to keep their population productive & benefiting financially.

Also equally ridiculous statements by those who believe China created Covid 19 to damage the US economy & in turn shoot themselves.


California had a quick and effective response to the virus, which has allowed them to get to this point. Very good news for their massive population, and for us sports fans.

I’ve always been more worried about a spike this fall. We get into October and the season is canceled after massive increases in the infection rate due to school, large events, lax attitudes, cooler weather, etc.

Hopefully treatment will improve in the coming months and that can be avoided.


That’s my fear as well. And one group of people we know are going to resist “social distancing” is a bunch of hormone-filled college kids.

Try not to be so naive, open your eyes to the Chinese Communist Party goals for 2025.
What country is it’s main competition in accomplishing those goals?
Hint for you…The United States.
Voluntary Economic Shutdown? Are you kidding, the economy was brought to a near stop largely due to extremely bad modeling predictions and and receptive media willing to spread as much fear as possible mainly for political reasons.
As far as fans not going to stadiums or arenas anytime soon, I beg to differ with that opinion. I believe however many seats are available for instance an Alabama, LSU, Georgia football home game in September those seats will be filled.
Once again, tell us what the mortality risk is with 18-24 year olds from Covid19?
I have to tell you people are ready to get on with their lives and now that they know the percentage of risks involved they feel as adults they no longer need to be told what to do and where they can go by a nanny state.

What am I naive about? That China is an adversary? Hardly.

As for a voluntary shutdown, no it was voluntary. Now, you can say the country volunteered because it was misled by a hoax, but I’m much more inclined to think the threat is & was quite real & has been mitigated by significant efforts by the American people. I think that’s a much more plausible explanation for events that your implication that some media driven panic was caused by a bunch of crazy scientists.

I can’t tell you “once again” what the mortality risk for 18-24 years olds from Covid 19 is. I didn’t tell you the first time. I don’t know what it is. I expect whatever it is is lower than the mortality rate for their parents & grandparents and any of their friends who have other health conditions.

I’m all ready for you to get on with your life. Take hydroxychoroquine daily, perhaps with a spoonful of clorox, and you should be safe from anything. Go to bars, breathe on and get breathed on by everyone you meet. Drive drunk. It’s a free country.


Stay at home until the Nanny State tells you it’s safe to come outside if you feel that’s necessary for securing your health and future. That’s your constitutional right to make that decision in a free society.
Everyone should feel free to make their own decisions about what they see is best for them and their families moving forward.

Unfortunately, naive are many people about The Chinese Communist Party and if we aren’t clear eyed about them and their goals then soon it may be too late and they will surpass the USA as the worlds economic power (which is the goal).

I’m well aware of what China wants, what Russia wants, what Iran, Saudi Arabia, and most other bad actors want. The US has had to deal with such nations since about 1776.

I appreciate your permission for me to not go into crowded venues. I already go outside.

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No permission needed, that’s the point of freedom.

Another point, 18-24 year olds socializing with other 18-24 year olds
show no stats of that being a high risk situation.

Glad to hear you’re getting outside and getting some vitamin D.

It’s not about freedom. It’s about not harming others. It’s about being considerate of someone else’s safety.

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I believe there has been sufficient data collected about who is most at risk and how best to protect them at this point that we can be responsible enough to move on with life and restart the economy at he same time.
As I’ve always stated on this subject that anyone who wants to shelter in place should continue to do what they feel is best for their health.

Its been about 8 weeks since the Virus was taken seriously. For many it hasn’t effected them personally or family member so “FREEDOM NOW” is the mantra.

Remember the 80’s when the thought was only gay men were thought to be infected by the HIV virus.

China travel ban began the last week of January, I’d say that was taking the virus seriously.
Had China acted as a responsible member of the world community and stopped international travel when they found out that the virus could be spread human to human we may be in a much different place now.

As for HIV, per CDC stats 82% of those who contracted the HIV virus in 2017 were males in a sexual relationship with other males.
Know your subject matter before you spread misinformation.


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The travel ban from China had more holes than a sieve. Some 40,000 people came here from China after the “ban.” We also know that the bulk of the infections in the US came to NY from Europe. Nobody in the administration was taking this seriously until the second week in March. We’ve had 92,000 die since March 1 and all but a few hundred have been in the last two months. The US’s death rate is among the worst in the world. We have no clue how many cases there are because our testing has been so inadequate.

Nobody thinks China was transparent early in this pandemic, but one prominent American citizen was praising China for being very helpful to us. But it’s not China’s fault we’re still low on testing & have one of the worst death rates in the world.

We can “open up” the economy, but we’re not doing it because of what we know. We’re doing when we don’t have any clue how prevalent it is. Maybe we don’t care. Yeah, we know young people are less at risk than older people & those with co-morbidities, but since people can spread it for days before they know they have it, we can be pretty certain it’s going to spread at a high rate again. It might or might not be as easily spread in the summer. It probably isn’t as easily spread outdoors as it is indoors.