California gov shouts at the wind over realignment-demands explanation

He should be used to hearing “We’re in debt and we need a lot more money in the future, so we are leaving”. If you read all the way to the last paragraph you will see where some of the outraged (read Cal Berkley alums) political types are floating a classic tax the rich and redistribute the wealth scheme where UCLA would either pay an exit fee to Cal or give Cal part of the Big Ten money.

Surprised this hasn’t happened more. Especially since IIRC the gov of Oklahoma is an Okie Lite grad. (Newsom went to Santa Clara U.).

But as the Los Angeles Times points out, Newsom helped push UCLA to the point that it had to move.


Lots of space to fill in the LA Times, THe NIL in California, world capital of entertainment and within that the originator of the concept everyone having their share of the product, in the NIL case, the college athelete.

Government can run deficits all day but when someone looks to survive and get out of being 100 mil in debt, then that’s not right.

He’s the same guy who bankrupted businesses and people lost their lifesavings by shutting down the state during the pandemic. Screw him.


Maybe. But some of those people might not be alive without a shutdown. Bankrupt and alive beats solvent and dead.

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Freedom to decide.


Sometimes the stupid have to be protected from themselves, and others have to be protected from the stupid. Which is why we have speed limits and seat belt laws.

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You let people know the facts and let them decide for themselves. We have people dying now. Time to shutdown again?


Wasting your time, Richard, on that particular human. Appreciate your efforts at keeping us informed and entertained, we Hog fans always want more.

A favorite quote of mine attributed to Epictetus, “It is impossible to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”


who decides who is stupid?


Well of course it’s the ones that think everyone is stupid but them. Any guesses as to who that is in this thread?


That is my point!!!

There’s more than one person in this thread (and board) who think they are right and someone else is stupid.

Lots of projection and hypocrisy. Mirrors life in general.

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There that chihuahua is around your ankles again Richard.

There were a lot of things that were shut down, including the entire U.S. economy, for about 4-5 months. Most countries in the world, developed and undeveloped, made the same decision because it was logical to do so in view of threat to public health. It is a cost/benefit analysis that is played out in both the public and private sector every day.

This same argument was going on in a lot of threads on this board at various times over the past couple of years. I didn’t mean to start it up again with the original post, which was of course about the California governor and some of his political allies gnashing their teeth over UCLA leaving for greener pastures.

No. Cali went beyond that. They and some other states shutdown much longer instead of giving citizens the option to venture out and do business or not. Not even a question about that.


OKAY y’all. This has gotten into politics. I’m shutting it down.