California could lead another charge in college athlete pay with its latest

Oh, God, Make it stop!

Genie’s out of the bottle, and college athletics as we know it is dead.

Yep, this is definitely the biggest issue in CA for the state government to be working on.


Indeed. No critical issues for there government in Sacramento to tackle. Billions in dept, homelessness, drug abuse, crime, horrible schools, out of control housing costs, crippling taxes, all pale in comparison to this issue.

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I remember changes like dropping single wing the T formation all the different versions and the present day QB option style but at my age I feel I will just ignore collegiagte sports for the relative short time I have left. What a disaster

Sad. You can not be the only person thinking this.

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Reading this makes me laugh. Requiring any business (higher education is a business) to pay employees (or independent contractors) 50% of the earnings (or revenue) from their business is absurd. If this passes it will open the door for all businesses in California to do the same. And according to this article pay for players will be $25,000 across the board with the remainder payed they have graduated. (How many actually graduate) You can imagine top players rushing out of the state more than they are now to get the BIG immediate NIL cash. Looks to my untrained eye to open many legal questions some of the lawyers on here might give insights about.

Players being paid is a done deal but this makes not sense for players or schools IMO. Small institutions who barely get by now could suffer big time.

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