I may have missed it in the forum, but what is the status of Cali? I know he was aweful to start the season. Has he been replaced? Injured? What?
Kid was supposed to big time recruit this year.

He’s got a little bit of an arm problem

He has an elbow injury.

Is he out for the year?

Will Cali be back soon?

He’s dressed out so I assume he’s not out for the year.

I didn’t get there in time to see if he participated in pregame warmup.

Dave didn’t make it sound like it was super serious the last time I heard him talk about it… I think this is just a situation where Coll was swinging the hot stick and was making some pretty good plays at 3B …He just decided to stick with him… This cold weather that’s not exactly the weather you want to be trying to play in if you elbows bothering you

It will be hard to get Coll out of the lineup (and out of field) now.

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Coll has been good. (Cali may have just been pipped.) His only defensive problem may be on popup foul balls. He wants to play and he is good.

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Bolton better start being able to get a hunt down. He could end up sitting and Coll and Cali both playing.

Season is not over for Cali. That kid can hit he will get his chance to prove it again

Cali is starting at third base today.

Yeah I’m not surprised at that. He can hit the ball just a matter of getting comfortable and getting in a groove