Caleb Stokes

I know that Ethan Henderson is considered the better prospect, but it is my humble opinion that right now, Stokes is the better player. I heard Coach Bill Ingram say that Caleb had lost some weight and looks good. Richard how tall do you think he is and do you think that he could eventually get an offer from the Hogs.

He’s probably 6-7 at best. Caleb has great feet for a big guy and has a good upside, but I don’t see Arkansas getting heavily involved.

Josh LeBlanc was a major target before Perry’s situation and even more so now.

I have seen Caleb’s weight go up and down. IMHO he is a risk. As Bill Ingram said, he should be playing football.

He could be a great LT. If he had the want to play FB and worked hard, he could’ve been a 20-30 offer guy.

Richard you confirmed what I thought. Coach Ingraham said on DTS that Caleb was 6’9. Not buying it unless he has grown considerably since March.

I’ve mentioned numerous times how kids can go to three different camps/college visits and be measured three different heights.

Continues to baffle me that kids who could be high D-1 and in cases NFL football players choose to be AAU, low D1 or lower basketball stars.

Just about every kid that’s 17-18 years old believes they’re going to play professionally at whatever sport they play.

How big is LeBlanc?

How big is LeBlanc?

About 6-7 with a 7-0 wingspan.

Both Henderson and Stokes are loaded with potential.

But I believe Henderson has the better skill set.

Indiana and a few others are starting to show interest. Caleb has a the potential to blossom in college when they’re able to monitor him more and get him to trim up.

Some kids just don’t want to play football. There’s honestly more opportunities in basketball and with less risk for injury and lasting effects after you’re done playing. I know people don’t like to hear that because America is football first country, but it’s the truth.

You can honestly go to a low Division 1 school in basketball and when you’re done go overseas and make some really good money. I got a frat brother who played D2 basketball and wasn’t even that great, that’s making some good money playing overseas basketball now. In football, if you don’t make it to the NFL, of if you get there and really don’t have the skillset that fits, there’s not a ton of other opportunities to make decent money playing football anywhere else, considering America is really the only country that cares about Football. Just look at Tim Tebow, one of the greatest college football players of all time, didn’t really have a great NFL skillset, now he’s playing minor league baseball, just because arena football money isn’t that good, and that’s really the only other option he would have. Had he been a basketball player and not made it in the NBA, with his name recognition and athleticism, he could be making millions in a good overseas league. For example, our very own Courtney Fortson, just signed a multi-million dollar contract in China. And he’s a guy that never really got a chance in the NBA.