Caleb Cali

Is anything going on with him that I am not aware of? Injury or anything?

This guy was supposed to be a major pick up and DVH has him batting 3rd in the lineup, but so far he has looked awful. He is not seeing the ball at all. I hope he gets it together quick, because so far through the first two games, he is not living up to the hype.

Trying way too hard and over-swinging… not too unusual for a new guy trying to impress. He should settle down shortly, he tore up our good pitching last fall.

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Twitterverse is like “Cali better not be in the lineup tonight”. Really? After two games?


Watching a day can slow things down for a hitter, clearly pressing but 6K’s and an error in 2 days is tough on a guys confidence.

And his backup put it in play 1st AB, and hit a HR 2nd AB.

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Sitting and watching sure can help at times! Pressing from all the hype.

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He will be fine LOL I thought he had a lot better AB his last time up,fouling off several Pitches.He will get a hit soon and he will settle down…Dave may give him a day off today to just let him relax and watch the game but I am not worried about him because you can see he has a good swing and is just trying a little too hard right now.


I’m not going to get too wound up after just two games. Remember Stovall last year? It took him some time to get it going.


Braden Webb too.


Jones at 3rd today maybe a day off or a late pinch hitting appearance will help Cali.

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There are going to be hitless days, but the strikeouts are surprising because he had not shown much of that until last weekend in a scrimmage.

It’s baseball. It requires a different kind of patience than football and basketball. The kid could go 0-February and still end up batting .340 at the end of the season. Let’s see what happens.


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