Cal Poly vs. Arkansas game thread

Throwing errors will happen especially for a big strong hard throwing pitcher. He will be fine.

----- R H E L
CPU 4 7 2 7
ARK 3 8 3 8

Shaddy leads off for Hogs in bottom of 9th

I have my rally cap on!

Wow beat by a bunch of scrubs

----- R H E L
CPU 4 7 2 7
ARK 3 8 3 8

Nothing doing in the ninth. :cry:

That’s baseball. Good to get it out of the way. Tough way to give up runs.

embarrasing loss! but we got exactly what we deserved,made their pitcher look like an AA and 3 errors pffft! we are going to everybody best shot better get used to that!!no way any of these teams other than Arizona should hold this team to under 8 runs! Gonzaga put 8 on them Oregon state 16!! better shake this off quick and get their head out their butt or we will lose tomorrow.

Freshmen made freshmen mistakes today.

The sky isn’t falling! It’s baseball. Some times you just have mistakes that give up 3 unearned runs and you get beat. If you watch, play or coach baseball long enough this happens.

It felt like we were a step behind all game. Just not sharp. It seemed like we get out in front of the batter, and then they would get a clutch hit. On our end, it was a lot like Wednesday night. We couldn’t get the timely hit. Often, we totally whiffed on the third strike.

Pretty frustrating day. If we did manage to get a bat on the ball, we usually hit it right to them.

Oh well. That’s baseball, I guess. Hopefully, we play better tomorrow night.

I know it’s baseball. I know no baseball team goes undefeated. I know it’s very early in the season. I’ve read all the posts that reassure me the sky isn’t falling. Haven’t said all that, I’m going to pout & be depressed all night. I’m not about to walk out on the ledge, but I’m eyeing it. If we win tomorrow I’ll feel somewhat better. But right now, I’m eyeing the ledge. I’ll try not to walk out on it. I don’t think I’ll jump. I’m still gonna pout.

I have a hard time dealing with any Hog loss. And in baseball, where we can lose any game, it just makes it worse. I was kind of leery about driving down for the tournament because we’ve lost almost every game in the previous ones I attended.

I sure hope we start hitting tomorrow.

On further reflection, I should have known that DVH would not win his 600th game at Arkansas in the first attempt.

It’s a long season, I hope the team learned from this experience.

They just seemed out of sync tonight… didn’t look as sharp and focused as they did Wednesday night vs. Arizona… really hope they are back tomorrow night. I’ll have to move if they lose to SDSU…

In MLB, the best teams and the worst teams win a third of their games, and lose a third. It’s what you do with the other third that matters.

College baseball is a little different, but I suspect the Hogs will lose 10-15 games. They will still be one of the best teams in the country.