Cal Poly vs. Arkansas game thread

----- R H E L
CPU 0 1 0 0
ARK 0 0 0 0

First Cal Poly batter singled, then the Hogs turned a 5-4-3 DP

----- R H E L
CPU 1 3 1 1
ARK 0 0 0 1

Kjerstad lost a popup in the sun, allowing a double which scored a runner from 1B

----- R H E L
CPU 1 3 1 2
ARK 0 0 0 1

The wind is doing strange things to popups. Scott says that the ball Kjerstad missed earlier was probably the result of the swirling wind.

Listening to game it sounds like umpires have it in for us, tight strike zone, called a delay of game on knight before the first pitch of last inning, then they called a balk on him. Visibly upset announcer said. Our bats have gone quiet.

----- R H E L
CPU 1 4 1 3
ARK 1 2 0 2

Weird call at start of inning, it was 1 ball before Knight threw a pitch (perhaps delay of game?)

----- R H E L
CPU 1 4 1 3
ARK 1 3 0 4

Gates laid out to make a catch and threw out the runner for the final out of the inning.

Make the hogs mad and wake the bats up! The calls will even out.
What’s up with the call ball before the first pitch of an at bat.

It’s the land of pitch clocks and trying to speed up the game. I suspect that will happen in MLB sooner rather than later. Four hour games are fine with postseason tension, but not on a school night in April.

hard to believe we can’t hit this guy!! I hope this is not going to be a fiest or famine type team…no way we shouldn’t be hitting him better,now I’m not watching but just going by stats,no way we should only have 1 run and 4 hits off him

----- R H E L
CPU 1 5 2 4
ARK 1 4 0 6

Hogs chased Cal Poly starter with 2 on, 1 out; then failed to capitalize.

Rutledge to pitch for Knight (6.0 IP, 23 BF, 88 pitches, 7 K, 5 H, 1 BB)

After 3 base throwing error by Rutledge, 1 run scored and runner advanced to 3B, Bonnin to pitch.

----- R H E L
CPU 3 5 2 4
ARK 3 6 1 6

Cal Poly score 2 runs on error and WP :oops:
Fletcher 2 R HR!!

Reindl to pitch for Bonnin

What’s up with our fielding? 3 errors is pretty rough.

Sun and wind! It happens.

Koch 3 K’s today! picking where he left off last yr. just had to put the ball in play!

----- R H E L
CPU 3 5 2 5
ARK 3 8 2 8

Hogs leave 2 runners stranded in scoring position :shock:


What’s up with our fielding? 3 errors is pretty rough.

[/quote]2 were on the play by Rutledge