Cade Fortson

Will throw a TD pass today. To Hudson Henry. You heard it here first.


What kind of odds are you giving on that?

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Highly unlikely. First, he only plays if somebody gets hurt; if it’s a total blowout, Hornsby plays. Second, if he does get in, he’s gonna be handing off.

Actually, the reasons above are #2 and #3. The main reason is that we don’t have a player named Cade Fortson. His name is Fortin.

As will Hornsby, or he’ll keep it ; he’s not gonna throw it. And there will be eight in the box.

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Quiet, you! You’re ruining it for those of us who want in on the action.

Is it Mr. Eaglehog5? I’ll gladly take your wager, my good man, that a gentleman named Cade Fortson will NOT throw a pass to young master Henry in today’s football competition.


Ha, didn’t notice that…New thought on spinning the football.

Courtney’s football playing brother. A double secret KYSO recruit that Sam has kept under wraps all this time.


I thought he was taking Catalon’s place at safety?

Maybe somewhere in America, a Cade Fortson will throw a TD to a Hudson Henry. You have to believe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes pavlov, the curse of Courtney Fortson. A great point guard. Botched the name, but I still see a guy named Cade throwing a TD pass to Hudson Henry today.

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