Cade Cunningham on Saturday?

On the Ole Miss telecast, analyst Mark Wise said he picks Arkansas to win on Saturday if Cade does not play. Does anyone know why he said that Cade may not play?

cade has been injured in some fashion, and I believe missed a game.

I have very little info on that. but I have decades of Hog fandom, and I can assure you that he will be ready to play against us, and his team will be very focused.

I actually really hope he plays, I want to see what creative defense Muss has in mind, cuz you know it will be tailor-made for Cade.


Cade Cunningham has missed the last 2 games(?) cause of COVID protocols.

He may end up missing the Arkansas game also.

Cade hasn’t played since they beat Kansas on the 12th. Two games postponed, then he missed the last two games,

A friend confirmed what you said. He had tested positive and is following COVID protocol. He is practicing now.

Yeah, he was released from quarantine last Saturday. So, he’s practiced since then, but it could’ve hit him hard and it takes a while to get the lungs back in shape.

Cade will play. There is no doubt in my mind. This is a big game for us, and I expect Moody will play big. Go Hogs!

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