Cade Cunningham 5 star picks Oklahoma St

I was reading the story and couldn’t figure out why he chose them unless they are still up to their old tricks. Near the middle of the story it says Oklahoma St hired his brother a few months ago…go figure

Some things never change.

He was not only a 5-star PG, but a Top 5 recruit. He was considered a lock to Kentucky. Hiring the brother changed all that. Waiting to see how Coach Cal reacts.

Watch for Oklahoma State pick up a couple of other five stars

They got Rondel Walker too

The NCAA can’t do much to anyone since they have turned their head the other way on LSU, Arizona, Kansas and yes Kentucky too! They might as well act like it’s a free agent market.

It sounds like people drawing a nice salary for little to nothing substantive.
Reminds me of Washington. Nice suits and great vacations.

Yes and what about UNC’s blatant academic fraud a few years back. The NCAA is as corrupt as the cheating programs. ghg

Kansas hired Danny Manning’s Dad, a truck driver at the time, as an assistant to help guarantee his signature. Larry Brown was the coach at the time. Nothing new!

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Paying a players parent 100,000 for a job that aren’t qualified to do should be illegal as well! Refer to Missouri.

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Just remember that the NCAA approved Arkansas hiring Marcus Monk - the same type thing mentioned above - and for a moment it looked like that was going to happen.

And then it didn’t.

Was Monk getting paid or was he a GA?

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Also on Monk, he had ties to the program, I don’t think that example was egregious but that’s also just my opinion.

To my understanding, he was going to take over Lee Mayberry’s position.

I wonder if Marcus has signed as the agent for any of KY’s NBA draftees these last couple of years since Malik left? Isn’t that what supposedly got Malik to KY? Marcus’ supposed in on KY’s future NBA players? I’d bet Marcus can’t even get Cal to return calls.