C19 concerns for UA athletics


Not meant to be a debbie downer, just wanted to prepare y’all (if not already prepared) of a potential C19 outbreak among the UA students.

I’ve been in town for the past week, spending most of it on campus. Despite the best attempts by the UA Administration, very few students are practicing sound C19 precautions (safe distancing, wearing of masks, avoiding crowds, etc…) among the dorms, Dickson Street and basically away from adult supervision.

I think concerns previously expressed by Clay and others are spot on. Once the students fully populate the campus, without proper C19 precautions, it is highly probable the UA will have a significant outbreak with only negative consequences.

Unfortunately, the vast amount of students have yet to buy into the need for proper C19 precautions. It’s going to take a miracle for us to enjoy any Fall UA sports. And it will lie at the feet of the students.


You just tellin it like it is Guy. Much appreciated but most likely an outbreak gonna happen and soon.

College age kids have been like that all summer, I guess it’s been different in Hawaii. Now, they haven’t gathered in as large of groups, but mine has been to rush parties all summer with groups of 20-50+, to the lake with friends, beach twice, and about any other chance to “hangout.” They wear their mask when a place of business requires it inside, but, that’s about what everyone does.

Well, North Carolina and Notre Dame have already had outbreaks and neither one has cancelled football. But they did cancel in-person instruction.

Same here Guy. As the other poster stated, this has been going on all summer here though. Kids where them when required to so and that’s it. Public schools here have their work cut out for them, but I’m fully expecting a surge once in person classes resume for high schools. Unfortunately we will see this until we have a good vaccine that the population utilizes.

Yep. College kids gonna be college kids. They think they’re invincible and the temptation for fun & partying is too strong. It’s one thing to gather outside, Gonna be different gathering inside. If by some miracle the football teams remain isolated from all that, maybe the SEC will have them play. Unfortuantely, I expect at least some players at some schools to join the fun.

I don’t think it should be a surprise that once students get back on campus we will see spikes in COVID-19 cases, the question is how the Universities have prepared to react and mitigate the spread of these cases will be the key.


Just try to remember what is was like to be 20. You think they will stay apart?

No way they will stay apart. There is going to be a huge spike on college campuses

This subject is right on target, but it is just not the college student! I just left retail hardware store with employees wearing mask, I had mine on, but two gentlemen at the paint counter with me did not and nothing said to either. I wanted to say something but I did not want to cause a scene in someone’s place of business. I called the manager from outside the store, and frankly he heard me but it was evident by his tone he was not going to do anything. So it is up to all ages to protect one another so football and other activities can happen!

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