C. Vanover

Can we agree he deserves some love? He’s got a role, largely understands it, and has played very well and helped us win against good, SEC caliber teams. I appreciate his contributions.


Agree to this
He seems to have found his niche

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We wouldn’t be undefeated without him.


Vastly improved from last year. Biggest improvement I see is when he gets the ball under the basket he doesn’t instinctively take it low and try to dribble. Keeps it high and goes right to the basket. So many turnovers last year under the basket trying to dribble after the catch. Clearly something he’s worked on, and seeing his increased point production because of it.


He has soft hands and can catch tough passes. He seems to have good hand-eye coordination. He’s still not all that physically athletic and at times gets knocked around. But he’s 7-3 and can do some very good things.

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Hmmm, “very well”? Maybe Toney. Still, 8 points in around 16 minutes, with 6 boards; that’s a pretty solid contribution – against a good team on the road. Frankly, maybe he’s been helped by Williams and Toney - or helped them.

He has been a plus for sure for our team.

Watching the Cincy game last night it seemed we were playing better as a team when Connor was in. Not saying he was playing terribly well defensively, it seemed he got schooled at the basket by their small guards in the 2H a few times. But overall the team played better when he and Williams were in together.


Conner seems to be dunking the ball more instead of laying it up.

Could you imagine if he had the body of Cogburn from Illinois!

He seems to have a very good attitude about everything.

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Connor has improved a lot for sure. Most of that improvement came from putting weight back on and not starting off sick like last season. He still need to muscle up to where people can’t push him down like they did last night.
His free throw shot is pretty I just wonder why that success doesn’t translate to his 3 point shot!

I said earlier that I didn’t think he would see the floor much,was weak around the basket and is a defensive liability. I think his improvement is fantastic. I am happy to be wrong.

He wins the opening tip

That is important

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If he keeps playing like he is now, which is playing more down low and not looking to shoot 3’s, then yes, we can agree he deserves some love.

NOW, lets also agree that when we play faster and more athletic teams, he might not get to play as much and could also hurt us if he does.

I’ll give the guy respect where it is due, but too many on the board have over-hyped this young man. If he can consistently get us 8-12 points with 10 or more rebounds a game, then he’s done his job well.

Conner blocked or altered a lot of shots while he was in, and that doesn’t necessarily show up in the stat sheet. I’ll give lots of love. Thanks Conner!!

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I love CV!! He is getting every bit out of the athletic ability he’s been given. yes sometimes he has a hard time controlling the ball underneath or allows an easy shot but he plays hard and is a good teammate, you can tell they love to play with him.When he fell down last night the whole team was there to pick him up in about a half a second.

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Looks quicker to me.

He is trying to play fast like Muss wants. He will help this team, especially against bigger, slower, teams that don’t have the quickness to exploit Connor’s limited mobility. His foul shooting alone makes him a weapon and he has been more aggressive going to the basket.

Ya I’m happy he is making free throws and rebounding. That does a lot to make the team better. I don’t mind too much if he doesn’t finish strong above the rim every time if he can draw fouls and make free throws. My only issue is his shot selection which has improved but still needs a little work. And I still don’t think his post defense has been tested by a scoring big man yet this year.

Something’s going on that I can’t figure out. According to ESPN, he’s shooting 12.5% from 3 range this season. Last season he shot 32%, and shot even better at California. Of course, it appears that no Hogs can shoot 3’s this season.

What ever it is he either needs to improve in practice or stop throwing the bricks up!

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