C/o 2019 on campus

Was looking at the pics and the thing that jumped out to me is that TQ Jackson has to be every bit of 6’4 now. Standing by KJ hes noticeably taller.

That’s crazy that he was 6’1 or so this time last year when he committed, I think he’s the WR recruit that may end up surprising everyone. We all expect a lot from Trey and Treylon… but I’ve got money on TQ to be an impact player, and get there fast.

Well, he is fast. There are a number of players in this class who are showing up now (instead of early enrollees) that could make a difference. They have to put in the work over the summer. August camp will be very competitive.

I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been saying the same thing when others have spoken about Trey and Treylon.