C.J.'s defense

Best defensive effort by him that I have seen! Yeah, the remainder of the defense (for the most part, particularly in the second half) looked much improved also, but I watched CJ more closely than usual and was surprised (impressed) by his remarkable improvement over previous showings. Maybe someone on the sidelines can coach?

Mike switched to some zone match up that works so much better! CJ is a better defender in Zone it appears.

CJ was active last night. Made some nice “2 pt” shots from mid-range when the 3 wasn’t falling. Had 4 rebounds including one very impressive defensive rebound where he was way up in the air.

More dribbling drills, more strength and more confidence. He is inconsistent now for sure, but you can see the potential.

I have concluded that CJ cannot hit wide open shots. A defender has to be in close proximity or in his face for him to make the shot. Another way of saying that if he has to think about the shot, he doesn’t make it most of the time.

Are you saying he should practice wide open shots?

Took some time but decided CJ reminds me of Roger Crawford

Crawford could handle the ball and play solid defense. C J needs more playing time and so far this season the hogs haven’t had enough leads in game to get playing time for the others who need work.
The Vanderbilt game will give us an idea if our defense is improving or not! I’m hoping the hogs can snag a win at Bama! They need wins!

Agree he has some work to do but looking and frame and movement.

It is the best he has played since CS Bakersfield.