C.J. Jones = Scotty Thurman?

That IMO is huge information. EVERYBODY wants to play and some will just be patient, observe, and be like a sponge and WORK hard and take those learning suggestion to build from there.

BTW a month, maybe 2, I was at our new BB facility a nd one guy was out there working hard on his game, it was Mr. Jones. I like CJ!!

Excellent information to know he’s not upset at the playing time at this point! SOME would not like it. The game today is all about ME, ME, Me!! Keep working CJ. Glad your a Razorback!!

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I agree with this.

Lots of reference to defense being the problem for CJ which I’m sure is true. Scotty was a much better offensive player than CJ. Scotty was very good off the dribble. Ball handling is not where it needs to be for CJ. That was a plus for Scotty.

Savvy. That’s a word that comes to mind with Scotty. Just knew where to be. How to play the game.

CJ is far more athletic than Scotty. He’s a good shooter…but doesn’t seem to be a GREAT shooter, like Scotty. Most of all, he clearly lacks the savvy, the game smarts of Scotty. If he had those, he’d certainly play lots.

Scotty never seemed to just not know what to do. Ever. It was the opposite in fact. CJ indeed seems lost at times.

All that said, when the game slows down enough to play CJ more, we will benefit greatly.