C.J. and Bailey

2 games in a row both have played poorly. 3 point defense not good .

Agree, time to shorten the bench. Poor Thompson is way outclassed, switching screens and turnovers. When people get into us with man D all we wanna do is dribble and go 1/1.
Maybe we come back, sure hope so but don’t see it. So far a disappointing opener.

Bad matchup for Trey. I’d rather go small with Cook or Bailey if Gafford has to come out.

Tennessee making us look very ordinary.

Wow! Unbelievable turnaround.

actually I’d say Beard and Cook are iffy, not trustworthy and negatively impact teammates when on floor. Not a fan of Dustin after the first few minutes. Mike can do better at putting his most effective game day players on the floor or whomever on bench is in charge of keeping that info.

Anton Beard should NOT have his minutes reduced. Who do you want to get them??? There’s no trades or free agency.

Anton is not the problem.

We need some sort, any sort of production from a 4th guard and a 2nd post player (CJ and Trey need to break out of their slumps).

The thing with CJ is he has to really work on his ball handling. For a guard his ball handling is atrocious. And when teams are watching for him and guarding him off the 3 point line he tends to disappear. The good thing though is he’s improved dramatically from freshman year to sophomore year, I would assume next year they are really going to be after him on improving ball handling.

With Bailey, he’s just pure athleticism right now, when he plays against other teams that are just as athletic he tends to disappear. As of right now both Thomas and Bailey are out playing him, both are more comfortable with the ball and playing better defense. Bailey is going to have to pick it up, because now that conference play is starting, I bet that 10 man rotation shortens down to an 8-9 man rotation.

Reply: let me get this straight, a win is disappointing , sounds a little backwards to me…

Comments: I say CJ is still works in progress, let’s recheck his play in February. Trey and Beard are both seniors, we beat a team today that is damn good, they were clearly mismatch issues for a few of our players, the names have already been mentioned including Bailey. If I was coach I would not write them off continue to coach them, and knowing Mike he won’t either, you play with what you have and at the end we’ll see where the dust settles …go hawgs.

They’ll be role players and they’ll help us win games. Threy already have.

I remember someone–maybe it was you, not sure-- essentially saying at the start of the year that we might be in trouble because of guard depth and that CJ was a no-show and we needed a better 4th guard.

He then went on a huge tear and showed glimpses of huge potential.

I thought nerves got him a little today. His shot wasn’t as fluid as usual–kinda rushing. And, he was exposed some on defense and had some bad luck on a few occasions when he played OK on defense.

If our biggest concern is our 4th guard we are going to be really good.

Regarding CJ, it looked to me like he was “hyped up” and (among other things) did not have his fluid shot. As we used to say in the old days regarding his shooting (perhaps slightly different wording), “He couldn’t find his behind with both hands and a road map.” Likewise, I attribute the early play of others on the team (unusual turnovers, etc.) as being a little too hyped. They’ll all be okay as they relax mentally (like several did later in the game) and play their game. I really like this team, and the depth is impressive. Someone has an off day and/or gets into foul trouble, and we have quality replacements available. The Hogs are back!!!

Maybe is the shooter they’re guarding and the defense is the same??