We have 4 more games to win before BYU. BUT, they are on my mind. BYU will be our second toughest game after Alabama. They beat #9 Baylor in double OT. I guess it might be significant that the altitude did not seem to bother Baylor. But, if we do our usual hurry-up offense it MIGHT backfire as far a getting winded more than BYU. I guess that may be a chance we have to take…and, be ready to sub with some of our OL. I am afraid the 2nd team OL does not have the confidence of the coaching staff yer other than T. Crawford. We have got to hope they get a bunch of reps against M.S. if they are gonna help at BYU. I wonder if Devon Manuel is still “banged up”. I know he is no longer on the 2-deep.

The Baylor QB’s shortcomings made it really difficult for them to exploit the BYU defense. The guy could not/would not run except when being chased, and he could not get the ball their passing game. Until that QB starts playing better Baylor is going to have trouble beating good teams, despite having a lot of good players on both sides of the ball. Baylor did not have quite enough talent edge to win with that kind of QB play.

BYU is a very physical team with a lot of size up front on defense, but I think we will be the best offense they’ve seen all year(and that will be after playing Oregon and Notre Dame in the next few weeks.). It will be interesting to see how they do against Bo Nix and the Ducks this week.

Bo Nix is a Jeckyl and Hyde QB. He can win you a ball game or he can lose you a ball game. And he will do both a few times this season. For BYU this Saturday, it will depend which one shows up. Last season, Bo may have played the best game of his career against the Hogs in Fayetteville. A near perfect game with 2 passing and 1 rushing TD and 80% completion percentage. His only flaw was one int.

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