BYU vacated 47 wins

The NCAA came down on them. Vacate 47 wins and the loss of 1 scholarship.
I guess this is a signal to every school out there that’s not a major cash cow.
What a joke.

Did Ole Miss have to vacate any wins? Not no, but $%^& no!

Yeah bout time they start cracking down on these big power houses like BYU… NCAA is a joke.

NCAA reminds me of a schoolyard bully. Picking on the little guys…

NCAA got so mad at Louisville, AU, Kansas and Arizona that they vacated all of BYU’s wins.

It’s pretty simple. They had a star player getting paid and got caught. You have to vacate wins when that happens. Even Alabama football had to vacate wins after Antonio Langham signed with an agent in the mid-90s while he was still playing for the ocean scum.

When Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky and Louisville vacate some wins then I may believe it’s fair not until that happens. Explain this why did Austin Wiley sit out last year along with the other big man and now they are able to play? Money changed hands and the kids family benefited period end of story.

I don’t think he had to sit out.