BYU schedule is wrong

As usual ADG gets it wrong. October 23,2023 is on a Monday so that is more than likely incorrect. They have either the wrong year or wrong date in 2023. BYU is already scheduled to play Tennessee on 9/2/2023 so I would think the year is incorrect . As an independent BYU can schedule whoever they want, but I wouldn’t think they play 2 SEC teams in same year in 2023.

The return date is Sept 23, 2023, but the original announcement from the University had the date as Oct 23, 2023.

The year is right but the month is wrong: September 23, 2023. They are an independent, so they have to get games where they can. And being an independent that is not the power of a Notre Dame, they have to schedule tougher to try to have any chance at the CFP or a big bowl game.

UA released the date wrong. They later corrected it.

As usual?

You do know that is who we work for, right?

And - as it turns out - Arkansas got it wrong.

I’m the one who wrote the story, as usual.

Arkansas’ press release said Oct. 23, 2023, initially. Later the letter from the AD came out and had Sept. 23, 2023. I called about the discrepancy and the SID realized he had put the wrong month in his initial release. He sent out a corrected press release and I changed the date to the correct date in my story.

Arkansas will host BYU on Sept. 23, 2023, and BYU will play two SEC teams that year.