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Built Bar is playing for scholarships for all 36 Walk-Ons on the BYU football team. Great way to increase your scholarship limit.

Wonder if they get to count that toward their LDS tithing?

Tuition at BYU this fall is $3060 if the kid is LDS, double that for non-LDS. So maybe tithing does come into play here. If all 36 walk-ons are LDS, that’s about $110,000.

Gosh, it would seem that they would no longer be walk-ons.

@ClayHenry Agree 100%. But rules are not enforced (or so it seems) these days.

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Seems to me that’s an area where rules can be enforced. Not necessarily by the NCAA, which is about to throw in the towel, but by the programs that make up the Autonomy 5. I know BYU is independent, but through whatever organization, those should count as scholarship players.

The way I read the agreement was the company will pay the walk-ons an amount up to the cost of tuition. It would be up to the athletes whether to apply that money toward education expenses.

Built Bar entered into an agreement with the entire team, so scholarship players will be compensated as part of this, too.

On further research, Utah is one of the states that does not have an NIL state law, which gives BYU a little more leeway. In several states with NIL laws, what BYU did would be illegal – state illegal, not NCAA illegal.

I do not know if it would be illegal in Arkansas or not.

Lots of pitfalls for the unwary in that BYU situation. I am glad the Hogs have the Flagship program to give athletes some guidance. For instance I understand that scholarships covering tuition and books (but not scholarships covering room and board) are not taxable under federal law. But it looks like the BYU NIL “stipends” (which apparently have no restrictions on how the money is spent) would be fully taxable to scholarship players and walk-ons.

But I am no tax lawyer.

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Nor am I, but I bet you’re right

This type of thing was one of the first things I thought of when the NIL came. There are in effect on scholarship limits for some teams. Do you think if Alabama wants more than 25/85 kids this recruiting season it will tell the last kid “sorry” (like they did with the kid that signed with us a few years ago when Bama filled up). Nope. They will find someone to pay the kids way and it will all be okey dokie with the NCAA.

In fact, if the QB is getting a million dollars, why even put him on scholarship at all? Save that slot.


Just heard suggested by Tom Luginbill you could actually buy players out of the transfer portal as Walkons or sign a kid as a walkon to keep another team from getting Him ,just like the old day’s when Bear Bryant would do this

Perhaps the only thing that will mitigate the player purchasing is the widely-held desire of players for a shot at playing at the next level (although most don’t get that shot). Would players in the portal go somewhere just for a walk-on’s stipend if they know they will ride the pine at the new destination? Or is the desire for PT still the strongest incentive even in the world of NIL?

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I really hope playing time stays a key factor. Teams can only have 125 total players, including walk-ons, right? I am not up to speed on the scholarship limits from our golden years in the 60’s and 70’s, but I believe Frank used the same techniques Bear did to stockpile talent. We had as many scholarship players as anyone in the country.

Another aspect that will be interesting is team morale and the “eye of the tiger” effect. Some of these kids getting tons of money may lose the drive and focus needed to stay elite. Their teammates may become jealous of a mega recruit like the QB at Ohio State. Watching all of this unfold will be very interesting.


I thought it was 120 for roster sizes.

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Seems to me the only way to keep schools from raiding others through the transfer portal is to change the transfer rules. That might not happen, but that’s doable.

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