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How many games and where are we to play BYU?
Initially I thought it was an away and home series for two games. Are there actually three games with two at Utah and only one at UA?
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Good question, but if there’s a chance we can make some inroads into the west of the US for players, maybe worth it?

There are two games, this weekend in Provo and next September in Fayetteville.

Arkansas has a two-game contract with Utah that begins in Salt Lake City in 2026 and concludes in Fayetteville in 2029.

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Matt…When two big schools do a home and home like this, does either school pay the other?

It’s hard to say for sure because financial details are retracted. I don’t think either team is paying the other a game guarantee because there is a tradeoff; both teams get a home game. I think there are some cases where the home team pays for some of the travel costs for the visiting team.

Aloha Matt,
Thank-you for the prompt reply. Knew you would have the answer at your fingertips. I was unaware of the Utah series. Now it all makes sense. Mahalo.
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