Bye Bye NC

Won’t happen in my lifetime. I knew it as soon as we botched the pop up. We were destined to have our hearts ripped out in the most cruel way possible.

There is still tomorrow!


We still have an opportunity to win this!
Come on offense!!!

That play was demoralizing

Cole was not a happy camper. Why was Shaddy all the way over there?

Was this the elimination game?

He was glory hogging. Was not his play to make.

I’m stunned. That was Coles play. We have no pitching left. Campbell is going to have to pitch the game of his life.

You can never Take Your Eye Off the Ball no matter who calls it cole should have saw that ball coming down just typical BS for us ball won’t drop one time out of ten thousand

The game was over.


Frustrating and sickening!!!