By rule, who is authorized

To call timeouts? Obviously, players can. The Head Coach can.

Can any assistant call timeout to get the play clock stopped?

It’s amazing to me that Cinn had three Delay of a game Penalties with plenty timeouts in their pocket

I hate to say it, but it was probably the difference in the game.

If they’d burned the timeouts, they wouldn’t have had any late in the game when we were bleeding clock. We were able to bleed it anyway, but two timeouts saved them a minute and a half.

The two DOG penalties on the goal line probably cost them four points. The other one was on 4th and 24 and made no difference. Call the timeouts on the goal line, get 7 instead of 3, and we still win.

It seemed to me that the crowd noise disoriented Cincy on the drive after the recovered fumble, both on the field and the sideline. It was the loudest the crowd got the entire game.

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Any player on the field and a head coach can call a team time out. Nobody else.

When the ball is near the goal, I’ve never understood why some coaches frantically run down the sideline waving arms toward the Referee (white hat) or the LOS to call a time out. Nearest official (either Side Judge or Field Judge) is in the defensive backfield and should be near the coaches box. Officials and Game Clock Operator are mic’ed up, so they all know instantly when time out is called.

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If and when he’s asked, I’d be shocked if their coach doesn’t acknowledge not calling timeout when they were inside our 10 yard line was a serious mistake.

On the subject of noise, I just have to mention Rod Gilmore saying Cincy had taken the crowd out of the game when the folks were quiet when we had the ball very deep in our own end of the field. That was just a very intelligent crowd. (It has not always been so). When Cincy got the ball back, the fans came roaring back. Give the Razorback fans some credit, Gilmore.


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