By Ned I need help on this

I know some stuff about football but not a lot. I know basically what 4-3 and 3-4 schemes are but in a story I read about Bob Disco it said when he arrived at Notre Dame his scheme was a 4-3 with lots of blitzes. That I understand. The story went on to say Disco’s defense was pretty good but not exceptional. So, he developed a 3-4’with no creases. Explain just how the 3-4 with no creases would work. What would be its strengths, etc.?

I found a discussion of Diaco’s defense that might be helpful.

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Basically, “no crease” means the front seven are all close to the line of scrimmage and aligned in such a way that there are no vertical or horizontal creases between defenders. He picked this up as an assistant to Al Groh at Virginia, who is out of the Bill Belichick/Bill Parcells coaching tree.

Steve Dahl is smiling somewhere.

Thanks, Swine Fusion.

Hey, BeeGeehawg, Disco is dead, but Diaco may be coming! Just joking with you! But that’s a good question. And a good answer, too.

Interesting, seven guys close to the line of scrimmage might be susceptible to short slants and 10 yard crossing patterns.