BWA survey

Looked in my email box this afternoon and there was an invitation from UA to complete a survey about improvements to Bud Walton Arena, specifically several new premium seating options including a virtual reality box which would be unique in college sports, as well as other events you’d like to see come to BWA. I thought that was very interesting. Took about five minutes to do the survey, which can be found here:

As I mentioned in another thread earlier today, I think they should have gymnastics and volleyball in BWA and I listed that in my survey response. They also asked about non-athletic events such as concerts, comedy shows, motorsports, etc.

That “augmented reality” area, which would be available to rent on a game by game basis, sounds really cool. I’d be interested if I could afford it, at least for one game to try it out.

‘Augmented Reality’ is like Dolby Surround Sound, “It’s all around you” every day in our USA. You really never cease to surprise with your breadth and variety of stats. You touch a nerve every now and then but I imagine most of us would miss the color and drama you breathe into this board. Stay well.

I just filled out the survey. Interesting stuff.

My guess is outside of the needed concourse work, restrooms, concessions, and entrances, we’ll get some type of club seating. As the saying goes, money talks. I laughed at the questions asking if I would pay X, I knew from the previous survey on the NEZ to keep clicking until the lowest price to say I was interested, lol.

I did that anyway, knowing that living in NC, the chance I’ll actually buy one of those seats (or any BWA season tix) is about the same as the chances that I win the lottery.

Previous discussions about BWA renovation, dating back to Jeff Long’s master plan, included making it more accessible for non-athletic events. Right now, since the practice center opened, it sits empty probably 300+ nights a year. Put a few concerts and other similar events in there and it’s just more revenue in the UA coffers from something that’s largely going to waste now. And that’s true even though JL’s master plan is as gone as he is.

That’s also a quality of life thing too, I worked on campus during my under and post-grad and that’s one of the things I heard kids from larger areas complain about the most, lack of “big” artists coming to town, it’s gotten better with the AMP but I’d much rather attend a concert at BWA.

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