Buzz's assistant draws up the final play

Everyone saw in plain sight that Buzz Williams’s assistant drew up the final play. Post game, Buzz said his assistant usually draws up plays.

Thought it was interesting that Mike was criticized for TJ drawing up plays, given most think Buzz is a high IQ coach.

Personal I thought he should have drawn up a 3 to win. It’s Duke. Take the shot. Didn’t like going for the tie.

Didn’t they miss two threes prior to that? I understand go for the win, but it was a good play, same happened with UCF, easy misses at the rim. I think that maybe Duke’s weakspot. They let teams get to the rim. It may end up costing them.

They missed several layups throughout the game as well.
I preferred going for the win.

Completely understand that, they had three possessions right at the end. They went for the win twice, with the same results as going for the tie. The basketball gods seemed to have put a lid on the basket.