Buzzer beater

Arkansas defeated UT Arlington 66-65 on Alexis Tolefree’s two-pointer at the buzzer. … er-beater/

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: WPS

Not the greatest video, but here is the shot.

Go LadyBacks. Never give up.


good win by the women…watched it and they just didn’t seem to be in sync like they were against NW State Friday…maybe looking ahead to Arizona State on Sunday?good to know that they can win a close one when things aren’t going good on the road…

We played horribly. Turnovers, out rebounded. We’re lucky to win this one. We stole this one at the end

we did not play well this evening.

The bright spot?.. had we played this poorly on the road last season, it would have been a certain defeat.

I’m likin’ this team.

Like other folks have said I would rather win ugly than get beat! Anytime our lady backs win especially on the road it’s an accomplishment. They will get better. I hope they continue to show this same fight.
They will cut the turnovers down as they get used to playing together. The rebounding should get better as well. They are fun to watch.
WPS !!

watched it. glad we won, should have won. they made it harder on themselves than they should have. they had more size than us and it showed. They got more shots off mainly from offensive rebounds. i thought our defense wasn’t the best. and we had turnovers, lots it seemed. i think they were trying to do too much to be honest. i know he wants to play fast, but at times it seemed we rushed shots, some of which were off balance. they are going to struggle against teams with size, we’ll see how neighbors combats that during the season. i also thought he shortened his bench a bit compared to the first game.

but we have some talent. the poster who said we would have lost this game last year was correct. this team is better than last years. and neighbors is bringing some size in future classes. before the winning shot, monk drove to basket and got hammered, ref was right there and didn’t call the foul, pretty obvious on replay.

I went to the last home game and Alexis Tolefree can flat out scoot. She has a ton of energy and is just that much quicker than pretty much everybody else on the court. I agree this team will struggle against teams with height… it’s going to be speed vs. size …

Was this expected to a close game? How good is UTA?

Just asking in general

It was expected to be close. UTA is a favorite in its conference, according to Mike Neighbors, and won its first game of the season by 36 over Jackson State.

They haven’t won against a power 5 conference team since they beat Kansas I think the announcers said, and I don’t remember the year but quite some time ago. An SEC team should beat them but they were salty and well coached. Gave us fits