Buzz with another hit

buzz is a good coach…i wouldn’t go so far as to call him a really good coach…maybe he proves me wrong down the road…

I know Buzz pretty well.

I think he is a really good coach, person and leader.


Buzz was at VA Tech 5 years. Here’s the 3 years before he took over and his last 3 years there:

3 years before Buzz took over - 8-46 in ACC play. No NCAA tournaments
Buzz’s last 3 years at VA Tech - 32-22 in ACC play. 3 NCAA tourneys including an Elite Eight

Seems to me that it would take a great coach to accomplish that huge turnaround.

Now, he’s been at A&M 2 years where he took over a better basketball situation than at VATech. His trajectory looks worse than it did after his 2 years at VA Tech, but how much of that was Covid 19?

I don’t think you can evaluate his job at A&M for at least another 2 years. Maybe he isn’t a good fit for A&M? Maybe we’ll see a stark turnaround these next 2-3 years. At the very least he’s earned 4 years there after what he accomplished at VA Tech.

I think Buzz is a very good college basketball coach. But let’s be clear. I would not trade Muss for Buzz!

Heck A&M almost beat Arkansas at Fayetteville when we were riding a winning streak. And I for one was glad that our game A&M was canceled. That game looked like a big problem to me. Buzz is a good coach.

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I think he was SEC coach of the year in his 1st yr in the league. Heck of a coach.

I’d rather brag on our coach. I think Muss is better!

I like Williams a lot. I think he will have a long run as a top-tier coach at A&M, unfortunately.

Robinson is a great addition to the roster. I would take him in a heartbeat.

Nice to see the bridge wasnt burnt there RD. Wonder if he has visited those other places?

Wonder if this transfer is triggered by Porter Moser taking over Oklahoma.

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