Buzz with another hit

Hogs were obviously involved with Jaxson before he chose the Aggies.

Think we come back around or did he burn that bridge?

I would think that Arkansas checks this situation out.

He has grown into a small forward and made a couple of trips over here in 2019.

And committed to A&M 24 hours later. Lol.

Hopefully he stays away from Arkansas. Don’t want him.

Gosh, I wonder if Buzz regrets leaving Blacksburg, VA for the current cesspool at A&M.

I bet he does, even at $3.8 million per yr, I bet he sure as hell does.

I like Meikkel Murray better. If coaching staff isn’t seeking another big with the last available scholie, I hope they can nab this guy. Kid’s a legit 6-6 guard and a real baller.

A perfect replacement for Jalen Tate.

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Buzz has signed a 5 star, national #25 SG Manny Obaseki and a 4 star PG Wade Taylor. And a couple of decent transfers. In today’s portal world, it iskind of complicated to figure out with all the transfers out and in. There is still plenty available in the portal.

So what. It won’t change anything. Buzz can’t win at A&M, it’s glaringly obvious by now.

Should’ve stayed in Blacksburg. Not everything in life about $$$$$.

I’m not sure it was all about money for Williams to go to Texas A&M. He’s from Texas, went to school in the A&M system in Kingsville and used to be an assistant coach for the Aggies.


He had it way better at VA Tech. Bringing in really good talent and winning a lot of games. A lot more wins than Hokie fans were accustomed to in hoops. Should’ve stayed there. Why can’t folks on this board acknowledge that Buzz made a big mistake making the move to College Station, TX?

And at $3.8 mil per yr, it was all about the $$$$ for Buzz making that move…

I think the guy can coach, and he has a great excuse for last season to those outside the program with the disastrous COVID pauses.

Now why the Aggies had so much trouble with COVID compared to most of the SEC during conference play may be the subject of internal discussion at College Station. But that probably won’t make much difference if he wins a lot more games next year.

On the other hand, I would expect grumbling if A &M misses out on the Dance, and if they end up close to .500 the seat is going to get a little warm.

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I think a lot coaches across the nation can appear to have some internal issues because of the amount of kids going into the portal. Might be some of that but with the tendency of kids to transfer I’m not sure you can know that for a fact.

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Williams is a really good coach. His teams generally play hard. Last year (his first at A&M) they finished well ahead in the SEC standings of where most predicted. This season was this season… perhaps an indication of things to come (your perspective), perhaps a blip on the radar (others’ perspective).

Way too soon to conclude he made a mistake by going to A&M, in my opinion. I’m guessing the Aggies will be solid as long as he’s there.

I’ve never seen a 3.8 million per year mistake myself :joy:


There was that Chad Morris 3.5 million a year deal… :grimacing:

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Yeah, he went there because A&M was willing to pay him nearly 4 million per year lol, certainly not because of former ties to the Aggie university system

He’s a good coach but not quite good enough to make a&m a regular contender in sec imo
some school are hard to win at in hoops…a&m, ole miss, s carolina (their one final 4 excluded), georgia

pretty certain this past season is an indication of things to come for buzz at a&m if i’m wrong i’ll man up and admit i was wrong…

buzz seems like a genuinely nice dude and a good guy to play for…i’ll give him that…not sure why so many of his players are transferring out… wasn’t an issue for him at va tech…

LD I’m saying on the person taking the job…lol

I think Chad is still getting paid from us while coaching high school…heck of a deal for him.

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