Buzz Williams officially to Texas A&M

Our schedule just got significantly tougher.
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I have a major case of coach envy.

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Just wait :lol:

I know we will get a coach but why does everyone seem to get their main target but us? We seem to be jacking around

It’s the basketball version of what they did with Gus Malzahn. They’ll wait to hear a high profile coach that everyone seems to want tell them “no” before they move on and hire someone that no one wants.

Fred Hoiberg would’ve been a great candidate, but he didn’t stay available for very long. Same for a growing list of others.

As in our new coach is going to be the equivalent of Pel? Or as in, “once we get our guy, you are not going to be envious anymore.”

Both :lol:

Great hire for the Aggies, and for the conference.

Somewhere in the USA is a 30 to 35 year old brilliant assistant or else a head coach at some high school or small college, and who is also a future hall-of-fame coach that would jump at the opportunity to coach the Razorbacks for even $1 million per year, although we would pay more.

All the AD has to do is find him. I realize that is far more difficult task before he is successful rather than waiting a dozen years until after he has proven to be a super successful coach when he may no longer be available.

Well it’s pretty simple! When the hogs got Coach Mike Neighbors to coach our women’s basketball team it was his dream job! That’s the same thing when Coach Mike Anderson for the Men’s Job he just got fired from. I can’t name anyone out there right now that would jump at the chance to coach our hogs that a true difference maker that it would be his or her dream job!
Texas A&M is the dream job for Buzz! Texas is the dream job for Beard!

I started to post something similar on another page. I believe we end up with someone who would be similar to this, but is it the right one? That’s what worries me the most

Sometimes the top target works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Arkansas got its top target in the last search. The common denominator in that search and the one for A&M this year: they got a coach who was coming back to a place they considered home.

Buzz was who I wanted when we hired mike. However I was fully on board w mike. Saw glimpses of what I thought we could become but recruiting shortfalls derailed that progress. I agree, just made our job tougher. He creates a good sustainable program. Guy is a good coach. That being said, with the right coach and players we can still beat a and m on a consistent basis. I want a great and sustainable program. We shall see

There are plenty of great coaches that we can hire, especially outstanding coaches at smaller colleges. I don’t suppose it is possible to know who would be best at Arkansas. Perhaps the next coach will be a winner or maybe not.

I think the Aggies hit one out of the park. SEC is getting
stronger in basketball.
We need to run faster or we will fall further behind.

I want to get back to where we are talking seeding
rather than hoping we make the dance.

As I have mentioned before, Buzz’ people were contacted before Coach Anderson was hired.

He was not interested.

I want to get back to the day when we believed we would win games, rather than hoping we would.

Nolan really did make the monster bigger with a voracious
appetite, fortunately.

Good enough is typically just good enough and short
of great. We have been great and I believe we will again.

This move is like a bad shot you can get it anytime during the game you didn’t have to fire Mike Anderson after the NIT to make a such move

Being a team that made the NIT off its own selection committee’s bubble of leftovers isn’t where most Razorbacks fans saw themselves being in year #8.