Buzz William's Comments

I thought Buzz was really interesting in his comments about the Hogs. It was good insight to the problems we present and I thought there was a bit of exasperation in his tone.

Seems like a good cat.


Williams is a very good coach. He had his team ready to play and slowed play which allowed his team to stay close most of the game. He is just another very good coach in a league of strong coaches. He will have A&M competitive in another year or two. Competing in a tough league will help teams perform better in the NCAA tournament.

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Agree. “they own the elbow. they make it very difficult to get to the elbow”.

I’ve never heard that expression before, but very interesting. I also agree that he will have A&M good again, and soon.


Buzz was the coach I had hoped we would get each of the last two times we had a coaching search. I’m very happy with Coach Muss and can see a lot of great matchups between the two of them in years to come.


In the second half, Buzz set up his defense to not allow Whitt to get beyond the elbow when he had the ball because Jimmy was doing his thing to get that mid-range jumper.

I love Buzz, you can tell he really understands the game so articulate and well-spoken, he will turn them around very quickly once he gets his players.

2 outstanding coaches going at it yesterday. We had our hands full with A+M. They may not be a real talented team, but they are well coached. We are getting more than I anticipated out of this team, but I expect some rough patches down the road in the SEC. I am just hoping for a 9-10 win SEC record and an NCAA berth. I don’t know if that is realistic, but we’ll see.

As Coach touched on in his after the game interview, this game was a “Classic Letdown” spot.
But no doubt about Buzz, he will have the Aggies in the hunt probably next year.


I didn’t care for him spending so much time coaching on the court during the game.