On Bo’s show there were 2 different lawyers on. They gave two different amounts on the buyout. one was the lower amount but the other amount was the HIGH amount did any one else hear that?

Just be glad there were not four lawyers on the show, then you would have four different numbers.

U R right about that!!

One thing our attorneys said from the time we approached them about the story: Other attorneys could have differing interpretations of how this reads. We had three attorneys who agreed that the buyout listed in his university contract was around $5.9 million at the end of the season.

The reality is that we’ll probably never know the exact amount of what Arkansas owes Bielema if or when he is fired. That is something that can and probably will be negotiated if or when a change is made. The point of our story was to say that it could be significantly less than $15.4 million - the number that had been regurgitated many times.

I think there is one number that is what the school will owe. I think there is another number that includes what the Foundation would owe, too. I think the combination is a big, big number.

good for beilema

Bad for Long… :shock:

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That tells me there won’t be a buyout unless a reasonable number gets negotiated.

I’m still hoping for a turnaround though.

In the contract the RF is listed as the “third party” guarantee of the buyout, although some one else can be substituted, the RF pays the contract off, just like Pelphrey, etc…

We’ll also know what the buyout is by reading the 990 filed by the RF each year, it lists the payments to coaches, and buyouts…