Buyout Observations

  1. First of all, great job Matt uncovering this latest info.
  2. The new info makes Wally look stupid (more stupid than usual) for going on Paul Finebaum show & saying that if CBB goes, Jeff Long will also be let go because they’re tied at the hip because of the contract. Also, he talked on & on about the $15M & how one of the BIG donors would have to cut the check. Why doesn’t the sports editor for the major statewide paper not know these details before going on national TV to talk about it? Makes him look like a fool kinda…
  3. The latest info makes me appreciate Long more & more. Even before this I thought he’s safe because of how well all the other programs are doing. JL is well respected around the country & we need to pay attention to the caliber of coaches he’s hired here at UA.
  4. I think CBB is more than likely gone now after this season, unless he turns this around & upsets Auburn or LSU & finishes 6-1. We’re not going to beat Bama. I just hope we’re healthy enough to be competitive after Saturday. But my gut instinct & brain tell me he’s a goner. Hate it but the proof is in the wins-losses.

It’s _ally _all, since when has getting the story straight had ANYTHING to do with what he says?

I had read the terms of the contract and didn’t believe them. I still question if the term of the contract should be 8 years and 1 month based on the original contract date of Dec 4, 2012 or if the term should be 6 years based on the contract extension date of Dec 31, 2016.

If by chance the term starts on the contract extension date, the buyout at the end of this season would be $7.9 million instead of $5.9 million. Hopefully, since it is a contract extension, the term is based on the original contract signing date.

Your first mistake was ever listening to anything when
Smally Balls opens his mouth. Anything that leaves his
mouth is not worth the pant leg that it dribbles on.
He is a hack thats more interested in generating “hits”
or viewership than he has ever been in accuracy.

When I see his name on an article, that is automatic
grounds to skip the article.