Butler opens as 1 pt favorite

I imagine this will go down to the wire just like Seton Hall game last year.

Hmm. Wonder why. I think it’d be rare for a 10 seed to be favored over a 7. Of course, 1 point is virtually a “pick’em” & Butler has a much better recent history than we have in the NCAA. (There might also be something to a home court advantage for Butler. Indianapolis isn’t too far a drive from Detroit. The State of Indiana is not far at all from Detroit. Not many hog fans wiill make it to Detroit in March.

BPI gives Butler a 61% chance of winning. Of course it also gave Bama a 61% chance of beating us at Tuscaloosa on Feb. 24 too. Oops.

Further chances: 6.1% chance to get to the Sweet 16, 2.3% to the Elite 8, 0.3% to the FF, 0.1% to the NCG and 0.0% to win it all. That’s right. They say we have the same chance to win it all as UALR, which just fired its coach. But then they also say Butler has no chance either. Nevada and TAM are the only 7 seeds given any chance – 0.1%.

I would think we would have a chance no matter how slim, the teams that don’t have a chance are the ones not invited to the tournament. It seems with the selection committee the more you know about their decision making process the less sense it makes at times. Nevertheless this time of year it’s about one thing win and advance! WPS

Several coaches and analysts are saying the same thing. Especially if they were bubble teams or mid majors who won regular season championships but lost conference tourney.

I really think that other than the top four seeds, the play in teams and maybe the teams below a 10 seed it does not matter who you draw. They are all going to be good. Now having to go to Detroit with out body guards is a different story.

Arkansas got a bad break as a seven seed. Butler should be an 8 seed but because two other Big East teams had 1 seeds and conference teams can’t play each other in the first two rounds, they got bumped down to a 10 seed. So the Hogs will have their hands full in the first game. Then again, everybody should have their hands full this time of year.

I know you’ve probably seen the analysts talk about OU’s “entire body of work” as the reason they got in. They finished the season 6-12 (33%). Butler finished 4-6 (40%). If OU hadn’t have tanked, Butler would have been the team receiving criticism.