Butler not a good draw IMO

they are very good have beat Villanova and Ohio St and smoked Providence and Creighton.and hate we are in Michigan!! are you kidding!!

Butler is 25th in Pomeroy to our 37th, and 25 in BPI to our 38. But our RPI was 30 to their 41, and KPI was 24 us to 38 Butler. So the metrics are kinda split. Yeah they beat Nova, and also lost to them twice. Split with Providence. Texass beat them by 13. Purdue beat them by 15, so if we get past them, we’ll have that measuring stick against the Cornfield Sailors.

I agree. They are a good basketball team.

This is why you want a better regular season and higher seed - so you don’t draw a Butler in first game.

If we are mad and have something to prove and Trey and seniors are mad, we can over come.

If we hope Butler doesn’t care and we win by showing up, we will get smoked big time.

Is there a good draw as a #7 seed? All #10 seeds have had some nice wins.

not all 10 seeds have a win over # 1 seed Villanova!! they are a very good basketball team.

But they have 13 losses. That says they caught lightening in a bottle one time.

I am not saying we will definitely win. Just saying there is no good draw for a #7 seed. You are playing teams ranked 37 thru 40.

Well here’s what the other 10 seeds look like

Oklahoma has a win over #1 Seed Kansas (Plus projected top 10 pick Trae Young)
Providence has a win over #1 Seed Villanova
Texas has wins over #3 Seed Texas Tech and #5 West Virginia (Plus projected top 5 pick Mo Bamba)

All at large teams in the tournament are going to have big wins, that’s why they are at large teams. Me personally, I like to avoid the blue bloods and teams with lottery pick players on their roster when it comes to the tournament. I could see Trae Young absolutely tearing it up. And Mo Bamba on Texas is a match-up nightmare for Gafford, he’s bigger, stronger, and longer. I was really hoping we didn’t draw them.

With that said, this won’t be an easy game, I share your concerns, would have been nice to get up to a 5 seed. I think there you can feel more comfortable in your first round match-up. I look for another grind it out game like our Seton Hall game last year.

The only way you get an easy game in the NCAA is to be a 1 or 2 seed (and Texas Southern damn near took us out in 1995 when we were a 2 seed and DNC). Anybody who got an at-large bid is a pretty good team, and some of the 13s and 14s are pretty darn good too.

So you look for matchups. I haven’t seen Butler enough to form any opinion on matchups. I have seen Purdue. They’re a Big 14 team, big and slow.

I agree it is a toss up game. I think only 1 thru 5 seeds have it easy in the 1st round. All other seeds, it is a grind. The beauty of NCAAT. That is why making it to NCAAT itself is hailed as a success by most, if not all.

For what it’s worth, both Sagarin and Pomeroy rank Butler ahead of us.

Butler has proven to be able to rise to the occasion at times, they won’t be a easy out but neither should we ! Between now and Friday time will drag and anticipation will reach fever pitch as it’s the best time of year to still be playing basketball. WPS

Here’s the stark reality. We have 4 players that can score. 2 bonafide scorers…and two that need to get us 10 a night off of layups, or open shots created by teams focusing on Barford and Macon.

Lack of scoring beyond those 4 kills us.

For us to advance we need CJ to find his stroke. And Coach A may have to play Trey at the 4 more than he wants…though I bet we keep seeing Darius there too.

If Barford and Macon are both hot, we can beat almost anyone.

If only one is hot its tough but doable.

If both are off we are toast.

I wish it was more tactical…but with this team its pretty simple. We need uptempo…but can’t get there without the big 2 making shots…or Gafford having a great offensive game.

I could see us losing to Butler or going to the Final 4 in our Bracket. The possibilities are that extreme.

I think it’s a pretty good draw. Butler won most of their games at home. The best team they beat on the road was Marquette. They do not rebound well at all, and their 3pt defense is, incredibly enough, worse than ours(we are 215th, they are 308th).

They take a lot of threes, and hit a bit over 35%, we shoot fewer, but hit 40% of ours. Just like us, they foul a lot-18.2 times a game. Just like us, they have a + 3.0 turnover margin.

They do shoot two pointers pretty well and they are a good foul shooting team. They have some good wins and they have some talent. But I’d much rather play them than Texas or Providence, though every body probably wants to play Oklahoma.

And if we win I sure would rather play Purdue than Cincy, North Carolina or Duke in the second round.

Life in the NCAAs is hard, but this is not a bad draw.

If the Hogs play like they have for most of the past month, they will beat Butler. I think getting Butler is as good as any other draw for the NCAAT. It doesn’t matter. You have to beat good teams to advance. It’s always been that way.

Just play your best, boys.

But if you look closer at Sagarin, his “recent” numbers, which weight February-March games more than December, have us 6 points better than Butler. The overall numbers have Butler as a 0.26 point favorite.

May be the best draw we could hope for. I agree our guards need to score well for us to have a chance to make the Sweet 16. Hopefully others step up as well. If they do, we could surprise folks…

Historically, that’s not true. No. 5 seeds have a very difficult time with No. 12s. In the last 33 years, No. 12 has a 47-85 record against the No. 5 seed, a 35.6 percentage. That’s a lot of wins for a No. 12 seed. If you remember, UALR was a 12 seed when it knocked off No. 5 Purdue.

Agree. We also reached our last Sweet 16 as a #12 seed. But theoretically, #5 should have an easy time with #12, but there is some kind voodo jinx on #5.

I suspect from the comments that Butler and Arkansas are about evenly matched. Therefore, I suppose whichever team has the best night shooting 3s and other outside shots will win.

Looked up the Butler stats.

Their leading scorer is a 6-6 forward, Kelan Martin, at 20.8 ppg. Two guards, Kemar Baldwin and Paul Jorgenson, also average double figures. The starting big, Tyler Wideman, is 6-8, averaging 9.4 and 5.1. They have a 6-10 guy who plays quite a bit and a 6-11 guy who rarely plays.

They shoot 35% from deep and give up 37% from deep. Overall they shoot 47%, give up 45%. Rebound margin is +1.5. Shoot 77% from the line, so we don’t need to get into a procession to the foul line.