Butler has CMA’s #

Butler leading St. John’s 37-16 at halftime.
Appears to be extremely similar to what they did to Arkansas a couple of years ago in the NCAA Tournament.
St. John’s lowest point total in a half this season.

Go Hogs!

Mustapha Heron and LJ Figueroa are like Joe and Jones for St. John’s. Also those are the only two players returning with any significant contributions last year. Heron is out hurt and LJ got three quick fouls in the first half. Not much offense left on the court.

And yet still more St John’s games have been televised in Arkansas than Razorback games this year. SMH. Ridiculous.

Bigger market

So is that ok for you? We might be flyover country, but our fans still wanna watch our team. I think I probably could’ve watched every St John’s game on TV so far this year, but I had to buy a Roku and pay for ESPN + to watch my Hogs? That’s messed up.

Talk to the SEC about that. Big East deal with Fox (FS1, FS2 mostly) doesn’t include streaming. Ours does. Until we join the Big East, it ain’t gonna change on our end.

By the way, CMA ended up losing by 2. Missed a trey at the buzzer that would have won it.

Huge turn around for the Red Storm in the 2nd half an almost came all the way back.
However, that last possession with 13 seconds left to play was a train wreck with the point guard wasting to much time before finally trying to drive while out of control then tossing a bad pass off the mark for an off balanced shot.
They were totally disorganized for that final possession.

Swine, you’re know it all attitude is wearing thin with me! Every post you have some sort of rebuttal. You’re getting worse by the day in my opinion.

I read nothing ontoward.

This board is for sharing facts and opinions. Big East contract with Fox is a fact. So is most of our games being on ESPN+. Jeremy’s feelings that he’s getting screwed by having to stream our games are an opinion, which he is entitled to have, but it doesn’t make those two previous facts any less correct.

And if you don’t like reading my stuff, don’t. I won’t miss you a bit.

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They were definitely disorganized at the end. The play was designed to inbound the ball to their leading scorer LJ Figueroa, but the Butler defender cut his drive to the hoop beautifully and he had to pass it off to Dunn, who wasn’t ready and looked towards the bench, wasted time and his only option was to drive and his drive was cut off and he made a terrible pass. The disorganized look was totally on Dunn, who is not their primary PG. He will learn from this as all players do.

Remember that is how we won the GT game. Jones held the ball, there was no ball movement, created some space and threw up a desperation shot at the end and luckily the bank was open. But we didn’t look disorganized because Jones is a better player and more experienced than Dunn.

Also Jones did the same in the WKU game and it didn’t work but again we didn’t look disorganized because Jones is a lot better player.

It is amazing that with their top two scorers Heron (did not play at all) and Figueroa scoring zero points, they came within a bucket of Top 10 Butler. Being at home helped with the comeback. Would have been a 20 point blowout on the road.

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I watched the last 10 minutes. That game was a perfect illustration of what frustrated Arkansas fans.

St. John’s displayed great energy and effort to take over the game. They were undermanned while doing it with its two best players out (injury, foul trouble).

St. John’s held butler without a bucket for a long stretch and came from way back to lead by 5 with under 2 minutes left, then failed to get off a good shot thereafter.

Butler played good defense in final minute but St. John’s was not organized at the end. The last shot was a throw with the shooter falling out of bounds on the sideline. It was left of the basket and bounced off the backboard. It was a little like the shot Mason Jones banked in to beat Georgia Tech.

The shooter had lost the ball on a wild drive, retrieved it going away from the basket and heaved it.

They had missed another poor shot with about 15 seconds left and butler got the rebound. St. John’s ties him up, although it could have been called a foul. Doug Shows called it a held ball. And St. John’s got a redo with the final 13 seconds. Nothing good came of it.

St. John’s has a chance for two top 25 wins. It already beat Arizona on a neutral court.

Mike has them playing decent defense, extremely aggressive and with intensity. But they don’t play like Musselman. It’s fun to watch Mike’s team play in spurts but there will be frustrating stretches, too.

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They were setting up a final play for a guy coming in cold after sitting on the bench for the last 16 minutes because of foul trouble. JMHO, but not the best plan.

I thought of the same while watching it. But on further reflection, Coach gets blamed either way. If you give it to LJ, fans will say what you said. If you don’t give it to LJ, some others will say that your best player on the court didn’t even touch the ball. LJ was the only player on the court for St.,John’s that has ever hit a game winner at the end.

At the end, if it works it is “coach called a great play”. If it doesn’t, there will be doubters. Part of what coach has to go through.

I remember Jalen Harris winner last year at the buzzer., The plan was to give the ball to Gafford, but Harris couldn’t and took the shot and it went in. Imagine what would have been said if it does not go in.

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Butler game to me was a typical NBA or a college game. A team builds a huge lead, drops in intensity, plays not to lose, loses the lead, wakes up and plays like it did before and wins it. There have been very few storybook come from way behind wins. I just felt in my bones Butler was going to win at the end.

But regarding your comment on frustrations of Arkansas fans. We have had only 12 games to evaluate Musselman. But let’s assume that what we have seen so far lasts his entire career and there will be no frustrating losses with the WKU game being an outlier.

Given that why do you think Mike’s team plays great defense in spurts and not the entire game like Mussleman’s? Is it his system or is it the type of players he recruits who cannot focus the entire game or is it just him being not as assertive and demanding?

Different style of defense entirely. The help defense and rotation in Musselman’s system has been better so far. I think the focus in practice is different. Musselman does not play five on five at all. Basically it’s all drills. They can be two on two, two on one, three on two. It’s all about situations. I think Mike scrimmaged full court and five on five. You coach the situations as they happen, but they may not happen near as often. So the intensity of the coaching on situations is less because you just don’t cover them as often. I don’t think there is any doubt that Mike knows what he wants to do and teaches it. But it appears the players learn it faster under Musselman’s way of teaching.

Remember this, the student must learn the lesson from the teacher, or the teacher wasn’t a teacher. I’ve heard that from my daughter, a great math teacher. She says they must learn it. She coaches teachers, models lessons for them. She is most frustrated with teachers who know the lesson and do teach it, but the students don’t learn it because it’s not taught in a way that it’s learned.

I will say that there is more than 12 games for Musselman’s system to be evaluated. He did it the same way with good results at Nevada, too. Nevada is not Arkansas and most of our fans didn’t see it, but it’s clear that Musselman was doing similar things with that team.

I’m a Mike Anderson fan and some of the things he does no one else can replicate. Getting effort is the essence of coaching. He gets great effort from his players and you have to give him credit for that part of his coaching.

What will separate coaches is their recruiting. Obviously, Musselman is playing with Mike’s players, sans Jimmy Whitt. You could argue that Whitt was an Anderson player. But what Musselman did with Whitt, Mike couldn’t, and that’s keep him in a Razorback uniform.

I will also add that Musselman benfitted from more than a good group of players to inherit. They knew how to work and they haven’t backed down from anything Musselman has given them. Mike set that up for him by teaching them how to work.


The Razorbacks play the last 5 minutes or so of the last two games was really good, demonstrating maturity, composure, skill, conditioning, and responding to coaching. That suggests good things for the next 20+ games.

I hear you, Jeremy, but like it or not, SJU is in New York, plays games in MSG, and the ghost of Louie Carnaseca still lives there. They are a storied program in the mecca of basketball on the East coast. they are a very attractive team to the networks.

I’d love to watch our hogs on a screen larger than my phone, and I’d love not to have the Big Ten network broadcast, but it’s better than nothing. If we keep winning, we’ll get our tv time.


Great read Clay. You articulated the difference beautifully. I like to debate as you know, but am in full agreement here.