Butch Jones Out at TN....

Per Bruce Feldman.

And so it continues

Tennessee was actually in the AP Top 25 at the start of the season. Now they’re 0-6 in the SEC with LSU and Vandy remaining. As much as we think we’ve underachieved this year, and we have, Tennessee is worse. And now they’ve screwed up three straight coaching hires – Kiffin to Dooley to Butch. Will it be four? Stay tuned.

A particularly damning statistic that I just read: Tennessee has an active losing streak against EVERY SINGLE SEC TEAM. They lost to the Corndogs in 2011 (and this week), Moo U in 2012, Allbarn in 2013, the Rebnecks in 2014, us in 2015, A&M and Vandy last year, and all six they’ve played this year.

And the John Gruden rumors intensify.

er, Lane rumors too.
http://collegefootballnews.com/2017/11/ … mike-gundy

The word was spreading about Jones as church let out here in Chattanooga. Vol fans were very happy. I walked out with a friend and brought up Gruden…he had a big smile. I’d be shocked to see Gruden give up his comfty life to recruit 18 year old boys. But who knows. Then I asked my buddy if he wished they had not fired Fulmer. He smiled and said yes.

Interesting times all around.

There was no doubt Jones would be let go. Tenn screwed up by firing Phil Fulmer. We might have screwed up (though less so) by getting rid of Nutt. Florida has had two excellent HC’s in Spurrier & Meyer, but it has had 3 poor ones. Alabama had a series of bad hires after Gene Stallings & before Nick Saban.

It’s difficult to find the right HC. We can all point to some that did well, but some with the best resume’s don’t succeed.

I hope when (if) CBB is fired at the end of the season—and I think he will be—we get lucky, but no matter how you slice it, we face an uphill climb to beat Alabama, LSU, AU, & TAMU for recruits. We need a top recruiter more than anything else.

BTW, Gruden ain’t coming here, going to Tenn, or coaching anywhere else. I’m not even sure he’d be a good hire anymore. Regardless, I”m all for keeping his name out there as a joke.

Jones should have been fired a few years ago when he threatened a player for helping a woman to the hospital who was raped by another player.

Butch callled him out and called him disloyal to the team.

But TN swept under the rug because the team was on the rise.

Now that he’s losing, they can’t stand him and they fire him.

I agree with you because we have underachieved. Yet, many prognosticators and some on this board had this team doing no better than 5-7 going into the season. We may not get to 5 wins. It doesn’t look good. But in many ways, “underachieve” is a relative word.