Butch Jones considered?

Just saw an article saying he’s a candidate.

Doubt that’s true. And I hope not.

I sure hope that’s only rumor! He’s another used car salesmen! Slogans and excuses.

I don’t want to hire a coach who failed at another school. Not saying there couldn’t be an exception in a weird case, but Jones sure isn’t one of them. (Coaches who were successful in college then failed in the NFL, different story, for me.)

Isn’t he the guy who couldn’t hack it at Tenn? If so, why in the world would we want him?

Never mind.

Wasn’t my post. He said Butch Jones, so I assumed he meant Butch Jones, not Butch Davis.

Probably a leak to make him sound appealing for future hires. Especially lower level DI schools.

Butch Jones and Morris were alike in their times at Tenn. and Ark. Both were good recruiters who didn’t develop players well. Neither coached well. Neither developed good quarterbacks. Both left their schools worse than when they started. I hope the future coach can recruit, develop and coach equally.

If your thinking about people currently at Alabama how about Steve Sarkisian. He is also an interesting possibility. Coordinator at Alabama, he’s been a head coach, and he has NFL experience. Similar to Musselman hire.