Butch Davis

Arkansas native Butch Jones would he be a candidate for the defensive coordinator?

Do you mean Butch Davis? Butch Jones is the recently fired HC at Tenn but is not an Arkansas native. (At least he’s not as far as I know.)

Yes Davis, my fault.

no…he’s the head coach at florida international university(or something like that)

Ur right, he does knw defense though.

Ark fans are so insular.

If ur not a ark fan, then y r u on this brd!!?? Yes I would love for a arkansas guy get the job specially if he’s qualified for it. What fan wouldn’t, Oh you.

This past week you’ve done nothing but absolutely complain in every single post about candidate’s, Michael Smith leaving and now you’ve decided to go after posters.

What’s with the attitude?

Some combination of a ridiculous Hogville post and a hurried teenage girl text. Please spare us.

“Ridiculous Hogville post” is a redundancy.

I suppose you are not an Arkansas fan.

If you are you just called yourself insular…


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Post of the Week Candidate!!!