But can we play physical like TX and the top?

We are getting the players and improving talent.

But can we play physical like when we had the stuff?

Are we going to be talented and physical?

I live in Austin and hate TX.

Even when down they had talent,

But they are now playing physical.

Can we do the same?

I never thought I be watching a Texas team with such eager eyes. Why? because I know we have some of them and more coming in the future. My heart tells me that Morris is going to start a new era of AR dynasty in football.

Yea but TX & aTm may make future recruiting for the better athletes there a little bit tougher after next year.

No…we will never get enough of those type of players to be 2-3 deep at each position.

We rarely over past 100 years have recruited as well as those who have built in talent.

But GA had more talent than TX.

But TX way more physical.

I hope we can be coached to be that physical.

Texas wanted it way more than Georgia. A sad display and reflection on their
school and the SEC.
So much high school talent in Texas and I think we will now get a much better group from that state every year.

Sadly it may be that the 'horns are getting back to challenging on the field
more regularly now. They should on a regular basis with all the talent that abounds in their state.

I do wprry about Texas and A&M both getting it together. Baylor won’t be down long, and TCU will always be pretty good. Tech is wait and see.

Lots of talent down here, but I just wonder if there’s enough elite D1 talent to feed all of the mouths, including UH who is apparently hiring Dana Holgerson.

Morris is good, though. Hopefully we can continue to get our share.

I had a similar thought watching Texas A&M and Texas dominate the past couple of nights. Football has been down at Texas colleges the past five years or so, but it looks like it is on the way back up. That’s going to make it harder on the teams that lean heavily on Texas recruiting, with maybe the exception of the Sooners.

There is enough talent in Texas that A&M & UTex can’t get the top & still leave plenty of good recruits for us. OU has always recruited well there. (Norman is not too far from the DFW metroplex & that works in their favor.)

I disagree that TCU & Baylor will necessarily come back to the top. Both those programs excelled when the other teams in the southern half of the Big 12 faltered. It helps both that A&M is now out of that conference & not an annual opponent. I think over the long term both TCU & Baylor fall back toward mediocrity & almost certainly behind OU & UT. Usually behind OSU. Texas Tech faces some of the same problems we do. They’re in Texas, but too far removed from the best recruiting fields there. We can likely out-recruit TT in the parts of Texas where most of the players are.

Morris should give us & appears to be giving us good access back into Texas. Meanwhile, we still have to get the best 4-5 players from Ark & get a few from Memphis area, NE Okla, SW MO, & N Louisiana. With a 25-85 scholarship limit, we can compete well enough to have some outstanding years, even if over the long-run we’re likely to trail LSU, Alabama & TAMU.

Matt Rhule is a darn good coach… don’t expect him to be at Baylor for too long.

If I remember correctly, one of the stated reasons for the 25-85 limit was to stop bigger schools from stockpiling talent that would now go to other shools. That and Title 9

JMO but for some reason I don’t worry about ole Jimbo. He kind of made a mess of things at FSU despite the fact barely having to leave his backyard to recruit elite talent, especially with FL and Miami both being down when he was there. Yeah he won a NC with Bowden’s players but from there it was downhill. I expect the same thing will happen at A&M and then the big money will turn on him and run him out of town

I’m wondering what kind of year A&M would have had if they could have kept Kyler Murray around? Maybe another “Johnny Football” season.

I believe CCM will have a tough minded team when he has recruited his own players across the board. He seems focused and a no nonsense guy and will not try to be everyone’s friend. That’s been one of my biggest disappointments during the last seven years of this Hog skid… no toughness and a give up mentality in game after game. Getting beat is one thing, giving up is not acceptable.

Yep. The quitters need to be replaced.
Winning is not in your future if you give
up when the going gets tough.

Nobody respects a quitter.

That should worry you. Because if some are correct on Morris and you’re correct on Jimbo (by the way I agree with you), then they’ll probably want a Texas guy, and look who’s at AR.

Yes we absolutely can play like that but that is determined in practice every single day!! You must hit and be physical every single day you must demand toughness in everything you do and every drill you do you can’t just be walking through it. If you watch Alabama’s practices you will see they are demanding to do everything full speed.

This is one thing I don’t know about the staff I saw the softest team I’ve ever seen us have last year which really made me question just how hard they are pushed in practice.I watch Alabama going to Media days today and they said what made them was the offseason and the practices were so much harder than the games.

We are going to have to demand that if we’re ever going to close the gap.

Im hoping you are correct and yes - UTex (spit) looked like - well Texas (Spit) again - I’m ready for Arkansas to look like 1964 again