Buster Brown Ashdown elgibility

Am I missing something on Buster Brown from Ashdown. He is coming out of high school and he is not eligible yet?

IMO, we do not have the whole story. Does anyone have the whole story? Sounds like coach speak to me.

I have written several stories about it. Nothing nefarious.

It is my understanding that when his transcript was reviewed, it was found that he needed another two classes to be SEC and NCAA certified

He has since taken those classes and now his stuff will be submitted to the NCAA Clearing House.

I’ve always joked that it is one little old lady reviewing documents up there - or at least it seems like that because of the slowness of the process.

Jeremy Patton got his approval just a few days before he would have had to miss the second summer session.

Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia all had or have a player in the same situation.

Thanks Dudley. I know he is a freshman. Just seems like the school or NCAA clearinghouse would have been more on top of what he needed to take at his school to qualify. He is missing some reps and one statement by BB concerns me on this issue. If what we are hearing is correct. Hope it all works out for kid and Hogs.

And what would that statement be? Truthfully, I expected him to RS and put on some much needed weight.