Bussing to Little Rock

I’m always intrigued to find out how coaches approach travel to Little Rock. I think some teams flew there and back. Bret Bielema’s teams bussed there and flew home because he said it was better for players’ recovery.

Sam Pittman said today the team will bus to and from Little Rock, but indicated it might be different in other years. He said he was ok bussing back this year because there is no game the following week and because it’s an early game.

Where is the team staying Friday night?

If we have to play a home game 3 hours from our campus at a once proud but smaller older place, against a small in state rent a win, can’t have recruits there because not a campus game, it almost seems like an additional injustice to make the kids ride the bus there and back as well.

Put them on a plane to help with the extra rest needed after 8 straight weeks going into a bye week. Get them back up to campus asap.

If want old school bus feel to stadium, they can ride buses through city after landing at airport.

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I think when you use the air plane it saves some time but not much. You take time to bus to the airport and load plane. You would get back quicker by plane but not a lot quicker.

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A 3 hour bus ride to LR the day before the game is no big deal. Those busses are very comfortable these days and the road is not like going down Hwy 71. It’s just not a bad drive. It’s probably a shade less than 3 hours from the Smith Center to the hotel, anyway.

Only issue will be if there is still road construction on the interstate between Alma and Ozark.
I made the trip from Fayetteville to LR a couple weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and the 2 or 3 mile stretch where it was down to one lane backed up traffic a long way as both lanes were basically stopped and then crawling for a few miles before it merged to one lane. Turned an easy 2 hour and 35 min normal drive into about 3 hours and 20 min.

It was open on Saturday. There was a stretch headed east where one lane was poured and the other wasn’t.

Good to hear! I will be making the trip down again this weekend so was hoping that might be the case. Maybe I will just jump in behind the Hogs escort

Honestly it was probably the best time I’ve made on that trek in a long while. I hope its the same for you this weekend. Stop by the shop in Conway on the way through!

Some of those guys have never seen that part of the state and might enjoy the scenery of the state they represent. Now, don’t dare bus them to Memphis–nothing to see there but racing trucks.


even if there is construction and stoppage…im sure the buses will have state police escorts on the interstate…believe they always have

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Pretty sure State Troopers will escort the buses. You can bet they will not allow any stops in the traffic at construction sites.

The state troopers can’t stop the wreck that has already occurred in front of them, lol. That was caused by the slowdown in the construction area, more than likely. It’s a running battle between Arkansas and Oklahoma on who has the most orange barrels out on the highway!

I had no issues at all driving up Sat morning or returning Sat night. Much better than it was 2 weeks ago when I drove it.

i realize that Rice…but after 30 years in Law Enforcement and being part of Clinton’s motorcade whenever he was in Little Rock or wherever in the state…one can block traffic even more to allow"dignities"though high congested areas

Oh, I agree that will get an escort that will allow them to move along fine, but like I said, a wreck 15 miles in front of them that shuts down the highway for an air ambulance can’t be helped by anyone. Hopefully the traffic is moving fine.

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fortunately, those are quite rare. Chances are very good they have a smooth < 3 hour bus ride from RRS to the Embassy Suites (I guess that’s where they’ll stay.)

Asking for a friend, does the junk box travel on the bus? Been a while since it has been played.

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According to a commercial I’ve heard on The Buzz, they always stay at the Little Rock Marriott.

My guess is it would be on the equipment truck with the helmets, shoulder pads, etc. But that’s purely a guess.