Wonder where D Bush is looking to transfer to? Interesting bc I thought he’d make an impact this year. He will be the type of CB we need the next two years with some maturity and development. Oh well.

Someone who came in early and couldn’t get on the field with our defense?

LOL - our best corner did not play his first year either. Wish Brown had transferred?

If you are right and it’s a talent issue then it’s a failure to evaluate properly by the staff.

You’re right, every staff hits on 100%. If you’re a 4* can’t miss guy, you should at least have a stat. I don’t know if it’s talent, coaching, or combination, but obviously it wasn’t good from the start.

Didn’t Ole Miss complete about ten passes to receivers that Bush was covering? They identified our weak link in the secondary and attacked it. He didn’t play much after that and I guess he didn’t like it.

That was Brooks at Ole Miss.

Ooops. Thanks for the correction. My bad.