Burn the white helmets

Just talked to my priest. He was deep in prayer. The Lord revealed to him that he would not bless a team that looked like a marshmallow. All the breaks would go to the Aggies as preordained by God himself. Had we worn our usual helmet, Jefferson would never have fumbled at the 3; Stromburg would not have whiffed the snap from center and the Lord would not have made that little puff which pulled Cam’s FG into the right upright. What I’m saying here is that we po’d God with our crap uni choice and are paying the price.


Losing 9 of 10 to mediocre SEC team I’m glad we are not wearing traditional unis and maybe country doesn’t know

i agree with this totally throw them away

And while we’re at it, let’s throw away the slowly developing, drive killing cutesy plays (clearly of the devil and not approved by the Vatican council)and threaten to cut off the extended hands of players who’s extended hands cause them to sin on the goalline.

It’s actually 10 of 11 now, if that helps any.

I prefer 10 out of 14. :slightly_smiling_face:

They looked fantastic

It was not a bad look. I would never suggest that we wear red jerseys with red pants. I hate that look. But if we did, I would prefer to wear a white bonnet instead of a red one. Just so we didn’t look like a ketchup bottle with a cherry on top.

We couldn’t yesterday, because of aTm wearing their dark colors. I would rather they wore white, but alas……

By the way, I actually like the anthracite with the dark red helmets that everyone hates

Oh my. You’re a terrible person for liking that color, baked! LOL.

Lol….I know. I actually have one of the jerseys and I wear it.

I know some like the Cowboys and some don’t, but I have three black Cowboys jerseys (that are autographed). I have never seen Dallas wear black, but I got them.

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