Burlsworth actor loses home in Louisiana flood

You may have seen the SEC Network video by now of Chris Severio receiving clothes today. I talked with him for a while tonight and he talked to me about the two hours in which he rescued his family members. He also talks about his love for the Razorbacks and how it was reinforced today.

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Unfortunately, his story is the same for a lot of people in that area of Louisiana. My wife asked me if I would be ok with her going down there next week since I will be in Wsconsin all week. There have been two other ladies that committed to joining her when they discovered she is going and the financial support for their trip has grown like crazy over the last two days. She has bought all kinds of cleanup tools (getting mud out of houses is the biggest task) and is loading up a 5X8 trailer at this very moment. I always want to beat the corn dogs but this goes beyond a game and so I’m proud of her initiative. Worries me some but how can I say no to that heart?