Boy is he great to watch. He is one of best receivers Arkansas has ever had. Our offense would not be what it is without his play making. He and Caitlin will leave big holes to feel when they decide to leave.


Caitlin? You talkin bout the dude formerly known as Bruce?


Burks has all the tools to have a long lucrative NFL career. I agree that his play has won several games.

He certainly is one of the best receivers in Razorback history. I don’t know of any other Hog receiver that combines his size, strength, speed, and massive hands. He will be missed.


Typed Catalon but Apple spell check thought differently. Thanks for catching it.

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Funny you mention that… today messaging my buddy on the iphone I was saying we tend to make other QBs look like Heisman hopefuls. Apple autocorrect really disliked the word ‘heisman’ and kept separating it into ‘he is man’. It was a real pain in the arse. I wish there was a way to turn autocorrect off.

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You fellers complaining about a few recent examples of autocorrect. I have had to put up with that for over 50 years (ever since I got married).


That gave me a very good laugh on a day I needed it… Thanks Batonrougehog!



It’s funny ‘cause it’s true!

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Just think if Burks had a Joe Ferguson to toss him the ball.

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Ferguson was a 53% passer at Arkansas and threw interceptions on more than 5% of his passes as a Hog. Jefferson is a 57% passer who has thrown picks on 1.7% of his passes. I think he’s got the right QB of the pair.

Ryan Mallett, in case you’re wondering, completed 60% with a 2.3% interception rate.

Burks had the most accurate passer in school history last year.


Well, can’t argue with facts. I just remember seeing Joe at the Washington County Fair one year at a stand where you threw footballs into tires. He was flinging them and taking all the prizes, the carnival guy all the while pleading with him to go away. Burks is such a talent. It’ll be fun to watch him at the next level…not that I’m anxious for him to leave.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t that accurate when defensive ends were chasing him. He wasn’t in the NFL either; 52% completion rate and a 4.6% interception rate. I really don’t know how he lasted 17 years in the pros. He got some run for playing on good Buffalo teams which largely meant handing off to OJ, but not enough to stay there 12 years. I guess they kept him around until they got Jim Kelly.

Joe threw it too hard. Lasers are hard to catch. Mallett had some of the same issues. Throwing it hard isn’t the best way to get your passes caught. I was in school with Joe and watched practices. Broken fingers did actually happen.

That was the thing with Bill Montgomery, Kevin Scanlon and Tyler Wilson. They threw a catchable pass.

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I was there when Joe was QB as well. His balls made a sound when he threw it was sorta like a whistling noise. He did break some bones on his receivers hands.

He threw the ball in first half of Texas game in Little Rock before the rains and fourth quarter against TCU in Ft. Worth as well as I have ever seen a qb throw it. The passes were like lasers and I think the receivers had to catch them to keep from being injured. It was amazing as he only weighed about 175-180# at the time.

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I like the way KJ is throwing the deep ball. Needs some work on the fade and other touch passes.

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