Burks question

I keep reading where he is having difficulty getting through the workouts at Tennessee. It was stated that TB has Asthma. Did he have similar struggles at Arkansas? I was not aware that he had asthma.

UA does not reveal much info on medical concerns of athletes. It’s like pulling teeth to find out somebody tore up a knee, much less asthma. Probably the only way we would have known is if we saw him getting an inhaler during a game, and if that happened, they probably went inside the little tent to do it.

I remember a story out of Nashville that the Titans knew he had asthma when they drafted him so either he told them or UA did.

As this is sports related and what I’m about to discuss seems to slip into an area of what some will deem politics, I’ll try to tread lightly.

I have a friend I went to college with at the UofA. In fact I’d call him my best friend. I’ve known him for years, we have done all kinds of things from playing sports, hicking, canoe trips, bar-b-ques, etc. Many things that require physical exertion. He has never really had any issues with anything of this nature. He has always been very healthy except for 1 thing. He suffers from Asthma. I can say it has never held him back, granted he goes no where without his inhaler and I tease him that his steriods from that make him ineligible for high level sports or if he beats me its cause I’m steriod free and he is a “Roid Freak”, though recently it was pointed out to me that those are a totally different flavor of steriod. Still it’s a running joke with us. Anyways…

He has been experiencing within the last year more trouble with his Asthma then he has his entire life. Having trouble with things that never bothered him before. Now granted, he is getting older and I know age always factors in with things. But he tends to keep in amazing shape - biking 10-15 miles a day, playing soccer, etc. So he is in great shape, where as I’m getting more of a round shape and I think thats why he beats me now instead of his “roids”. Still my point is the only thing thats really changed for him in the past year was going through the whole COVID-19 Vaxx stuff. He has had the 2 initial shots and at least 1 booster, maybe two. I can’t remember. So he has begun to wonder and so have I, if maybe this is some sort of side effect of the Vaxx. Now I know that side effects is a topic that in today society that seems to be as taboo to talk about as say AIDS was back in the 70s. Its always hush hush denial denial don’t be a conspiracy theorist. I see the same things today with COVID and the Vaxx. Anyways…

His doctors can not explain why he is having more difficulties than before and he just has no answers. He turned to the internet. SARCASM ALERT -And we all know what a great fountain of knowledge that can be found there.- And he has found a few articles that suggest that some asthma sufferers are reporting having increased problem after vaxxing. I too have looked, and as an outside observer, I also try to point out to him that those same articles always preface it by saying there have been no studies or data to support it, that is just asthma people reporting it and there is probably nothing to it. Still when thinking about it, I’m reminded back to my original AIDS thoughts. DO you know it was much later discovered that there was a large portion of the donated blood bank that had the possibility of being contaminated and they knew about it. But the bean counters thought it would be too huge of a money loss to toss it all out and admit it, the future lawsuits would be cheaper if it came to that. It was considers an exceptable monetary risk. Those things do happen as much as we don’t like to think about it, many decisions are boiled down to bean counter analysis.

So he can’t say for sure whats going on, but he is having issues and he is believeing more every day that its Vaxx related. Too may people coming down with myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, blood clots, etc. Now good luck finding anything about this stuff on Google, you have to go to a different search engine to find articles. As a Comp Sci Engineer, I have known for ages how Google and some of the more prevelant sites steer you towards results that more reflect what their “political” views. Still that is a different topic for another place.

Anyways to how this relates to Burks, well, I think you see how it could. Not saying it does, but I don’t think its beyond the realm of possibility either. After the last few years, I have very little trust in what I’m told from media, state or gov’t officials, CDC, etc. I find that very sad, but it is what it is…

PS if this gets deleted, then so be it. I know we can’t seem to have a discussion here with anything that might touch on a hot topic button without someone getting offended. SO if blandness requires this post removed, I understand.


Briles told me two years ago that he was finally in shape ahead of this last season. Someone can dig out those comments. He has not been able to stay on field for an entire series.

Wow. That says a lot, even if you didn’t mean it to, Clay.

Proceed. You are not the only one with these questions…I didn’t need readers before I got the J&J jab. Now I do.

Jeremy, if you have hit 40, you are a candidate to readers. It hit me at 41. My wife at 42, both daughters at 41.

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Strangely, my vision is getting better as I get older. I need bifocals for detail work, but my nearsightedness has improved and my glasses prescription is getting weaker. Just got a new pair which continued that trend.

Jeff, it’s the whiskey.


I think I was in my early fifties when I figured out I better get some readers. My vision is still 20/30 20/40 at almost 63.but I had 20/10 vision growing up so I’ve always been blessed with good to great vision. But I don’t see things up close that great is why I need my readers. I probably read the phone too much, need to stick to my laptop, better for my eyes I think.

The phone reading is tough on vision, so says my eye doctor. No one really thinks we are going to change that anytime soon. Phone reading here to stay. I’ve said I am going to get an IPad for two years. Have not done it.


Yeah too easy just to pick up the phone. I don’t really get on my laptop unless I want to do YouTube videos.

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I strongly recommend an iPad. My first one was probably in 2011. Could I do without it? Sure. I could read my phone on the couch, mess with a laptop, or go to our office for the desktop. The iPad will do 95% of what you need to do as long as it’s not writing intensive, especially if you get the attachable keyboard.

You can even use it as your phone. It allows you to make and receive calls by linking to your iPhone.

I’m a big fan.

I’m on my 3rd iPad. I have a regular keyboard and can type just like a computer keyboard. It’s perfect for me.

I’ve never had an iPad…I have just figured it’s probably about the same as my laptop. But I may get one just to see if I like it…

I’ve also never had an iPhone,they are so expensive…I’ve always had a cheap Android but I may break down and get me a very expensive phone to see what all the hype is about

I got an iPad years ago so that I can score on it. The app that I use for scoring (baseball of course) works on an iPhone. That’s how I did scoring for several years. It is so much easier when using the iPad. Of course, that’s how I now read the demozette. I had been doing that for several years when they phased out the paper copy.

We get the paper version of the Demozette on Sundays (I guess that lets them sell inserts, coupons, etc.) and I never look at it. It is just better on the little Chromebook computer laptop than it ever was in actual print.

Higher iPhone trade in values and generally longer lifespans take some of the sting away.

You know something’s expensive when you start talking trade in values. :grinning:

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Yeah I used to date a girl who had a expensive iPhone and she would be looking up something and I would find it on my Android before her LOL. I never have thought about spending big money since that happened

My tablet and phone are Samsungs, Billy. Never have liked Apple.