Burks projected as top WR in this draft

Expected to average 737 yards receiving per season for his first five seasons.

Nobody really knows, apparently. We’ve seen what he can do against the best NCAA competition with a developing offensive team against some of the best defensive programs. Carpe diem, Treylon!

Burks has the skillset and the body type to be a good NFL receiver. A lot of times success depends on the organization you are drafted into. I’ll be interested to see where he goes.

Well, this was kinda insulting.

“The Razorbacks may not be a top-10 program like Alabama or Ohio State, but that should not matter. Some of the NFL’s greatest receivers came from programs such as Marshall and Central Michigan University. That said, any concerns that scouts have about Burks’ game should be taken seriously.”

Pretty sure this explains D-Mac’s NFL career to the “T”.

Wow, I actually agree. That is worded in an incredibly dismissive way, especially given the trajectory of the program. It sounds more like he’s talking talking about Arkansas State or UCA. Not to mention, I’m not sure his last statement about concerns logically lines up with his original premise about program prestige.

Being realistic there are a few programs between the top five ranked programs and the Razorbacks. Sam Pittman is rapidly moving the program into the nationally recognized elite group but during Bruke’s time on the Hill we reached the door. That is not what we want but the national concensus still has the Razorbacks moving toward the front door, but not quite yet in the house. That is remarkable considering where were when we lost to Western Kentucky and others.

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