Burks needs the ball

I was really surprised that Morris said that he did not want to put too much on Treylon Burks because he is a freshman. WTF. Most coaches, when they have freakishly players, try to get their best player the ball. Vince Dooley ran his offense through Hershel Walker. Auburn ran its offense through Bo Jackson. Even Houston Nutt could see that Darren McFadden was his most talented player and fed him the ball. Somebody needs to tell Morris that Treylon Burks is his best player and he needs to run his offense through him. Go watch Burks play in the 2017 stare 4AAAA Championship game. Burks can do it all. Wildcat quarterback, running back, wide receiver, on offense linebacker,and safety. on defense. Kick returner and punter on special teams.He can do it all at an extremely high level.

Morris needs to call Burks’ high school coach, Bo Hembree, and run the same wildcat plays he ran in high school. Morris, being a high school coach, ought to be able to install another high school coach’s offense. After witnessing 6 games this year, replacing the poor play of Hicks and Starkel with Burks’ as a wildcat quarterback seems to be a no brainer.

Boyd can play Jones, Knox can be Monk. O’Grady can be Hollis. This gets your best in the game and should keep the ball in the hands of the studs. They should run this until the opponent can consistently stop this package.

What you got to lose?

A famous coach who last coached us to a top 5 AP finish famously said, “feed the studs.”

Give Burks the freaking ball.

Maybe burn a timeout or two before the half to find a way instead of just letting the clock run out without attempting any score.

Burks is a really good athlete with an ability to make explosive plays, but he needs to primarily play WR and return punts. The guy has the ability to be all SEC one day as a WR. Love watching him play, even as he works through some growing pains.

You want to put him in the wildcat a few plays, that might be a good idea, maybe even let him line up at RB occasionally. But playing him as a full-time wildcat QB would just be a silly, desperate move that would slow down Burks growth as receiver and be really unlikely to suddenly turn us into an offensive machine.

If you want more of a running threat at QB, try playing Jefferson some. But

Anybody remember a couple of games when freshman McFadden didn’t get reps under nutt before he finally broke out

Coaches if they had played bush and they get burned we are on them. They try to bring him along slowly and he gets mad and leaves. Damned if you do, damned if you dont

3rd & long or 4th & 2 or more, throw the lob pass (high and soft) to Burks or O’Grady (and maybe Knox if he draws the shorter DB). Win or lose on an aerial battle for the ball with those guys.

I think that Burks as a wildcat QB needs to be used, especially in red zone situations. I certainly don’t want to play him every snap at QB against Auburn and Alabama, but that’s who we play next and we have nothing to lose.

I think that both Starkel and Hicks have earned a seat on the bench. Play Jefferson. He can be McFadden, and let Burks play Jones. Boyd can play the Hollis role. What we have now isn’t working. Let JSJ have a series of downs too.

If we do have a true hammer down, full tilt boogie coach, he will innovate and try something different. So far, this year is the sos. We have to do something different to have any hope of turning the program around.

This coaching staff fail to get the play makers the ball and if they continue to repeat these stupid decisions they won’t be around long!
Burks, Knox and OGrady need to touch the ball and they better learn to make changes in game when a QB is just plain missing wide open receivers early enough to win! This staff is too scared to play to win and put the hammer down and take control of a game.

I’d add Warren to the list of players who need the ball in their hands. O’Grady is a talent who is now recognized as such by the opposition, so they are guarding him better. Take advantage of that in schemes. Someone else will be open. Our WR group is as talented as we have had in years. Burks, Knox, Morris, Woods, and Warren all have the ability to make yards after the catch. Add in a healthy Hammonds and it gets even better.

Knox did not get a lot of separation in his routes Saturday, but still played fairly well. I’m not convinced that the hip is 100%. He competed hard and continues to be better than anyone we’ve had in a while in battling for the ball. Like Burks and O’Grady, he also has been trying to catch too many inaccurate passes.

That would have been a Vanderbilt game in Fayetteville when Felix Jones and RunDMc were little used, make that not used. Each touched the ball one time. Felix had -1 yard and DMac had 6 yards. That was when Jay Cutler played for Vandy, so they were not pushovers, but still …

I think it was D’arrius Howard who kept getting the call. Loved the guy, but he wasn’t McFadden.

Same deal with USC too. Not that it would have been enough probably.

Yep, but they still went 5-7 that year. They were a pushover that year.

I think everyone will be happy Saturday when they see where Treylon lines up quite a bit.

We need to get the ball to Treylon and Knox both. I was wondering the whole game vs. Kentucky when that would happen and am still shocked it never did.

As I remember, Howard rushed for 140 that night so it’s not like we couldn’t run the ball. What we couldn’t do was stop Cutler in the fourth quarter.

Maybe it was a different game. And old memories tend to get tainted after a while anyway.

Arkansas-Vandy 2005

Penalties killed us too; 88 yards lost to 9 for Vandy. We had 23 yards in penalties on the drive to the winning score.

We had the ball for eight plays in the fourth quarter. Vandy had a TD drive, three and out for us (sack on third and 2), seven minutes to a missed FG, three and out (three runs for 7 yards, undoubtedly trying to burn clock), TD drive on 10 pass plays, two plays and INT for us.